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The Life of An Upstairs Neighbor

I recently found this funny video about upstairs neighbours. It can be quite true, don’t you think? Do you have upstairs neighbours? Are you an upstairs neighbour?

Statistics show that the majority of Americans (57%) say they know only some of their neighbours; while 26% say they know most of them. People who are 65 or older are more likely than those ages 18 to 29 to say they know most of their neighbours (34% vs. 20%). 

Also, rural residents (40%) are more likely than people in suburban (28%) and urban (24%) areas to know most of their neighbours, but they have in-person conversations with their neighbours about as often as those in other community types. What about in your country?

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    Do you have upstairs neighbours?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you know your neighbours?

    • All of them
    • Most of them
    • Some of them
    • None of them


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  1. I don’t like the idea of people living upstairs as I have been in that situation before, if they are good and don’t fight I don’t mind.
    I didn’t mind when someone flooded the bath and the water came down to my flat, but I hate violence.

    Fortunately we have no one upstairs or downstairs we are on a level unit

  2. Up until now, my nation or people are called friendly nations and people, besides, we also have a mutual cooperation culture, which in regions and villages, the culture is still very strong but in big cities, especially Jakarta, that spirit is running low. The culture illustrates how we actually know neighbours closely…

    Unfortunately, I don’t live in an apartment, so I can’t answer those questions.

  3. I have lived in an apartment for 16 years we had the most wonderful time there as my neighbors were the very best. Here in the Villa people are so snobbish and wont talk to each other. I still try to make friends.

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