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The Life of a Python

Not many of us like snakes. I don’t like snakes but I find them appealing and attractive in some circumstances. The following are some facts about pythons:

1. Pythons are one of the largest snakes in the world.

2. They are found in tropical areas of Asia and Africa.

3. They are non-venomous.

4. They are known as constrictors. When they pounce on a prey, they coil around their prey. The       purpose of coiling is not to break the bones of the problem although due to their strong muscles, it always results in the bones of the prey getting broken in the process. Instead, the purpose of coiling around the prey is to suffocate them to death. They can feel whether a prey has ceased breathing thus releasing it.

5. They usually swallow their prey alive since they don’t have the ability to chew their prey into pieces. They swallow the prey starting from the head. It would be very cumbersome and it might result to the python dying when it swallows a prey starting from the legs.

6. Undigested materials are usually found in the python’s poop e.g. feathers and fur.

7. A female lays about 12-36 eggs. The mother ensures the eggs are warm by coiling herself around the eggs. When the eggs hatch, the mother leaves them. They have to fend for themselves.

8. They are cold-blooded animals.

9. Pythons can live up to 40 years in captivity.

10. Pythons don’t normally attack humans unless they are provoked.

11. When they hunt big animals, it make take several days or weeks to fully digest them.

12. They can go for several weeks or months without the need to hunt another animal to feed on.

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