The joy in the garden

When I was a boy, I didn’t know that I would love gardening. My father would plant corn and vegetables in our front yard that was converted into a garden. There were tomatoes, that we would harvest and give to relatives. When the corn was harvested, my elder brothers had a barn yard party in the small corn field. All that was hard work for, the gardening thing so I was kind of turned off.

In the 5th grade, we had a gardening subject that caught me flat-footed since I should have known about plants but didn’t simply because I wasn’t interested. And it came to pass that I had to pass the subject so I did my own research from my father. My mustard grew fast and developed big leaves that was admired by our teacher. That was the start of my first harvest, the high grade that I got from the gardening subject. Now I am harvesting regularly from my plants and trees.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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