The internet of everything (IoE)

The number of devices most people have at home today is two connected in the house on average with a global average of one device per home. While I do understand that outside the US or the old RoW argument is invalid (Rest of the world) I will undo that original statement with a more proactive view.

US 2 devices per house

EU 2 devices per house

China 2 devices per house

India 2 devices per house

The total currently being a little north of 3 devices per person globally, but the reality is that other than the areas listed above the numbers drop radically. There is no need for connected devices in places that don’t have the infrastructure to support that today. Now if we break this into a more realistic distribution, we will find that many organizations, government, and commercial have many more devices per employee. If we don’t count cellular phones the numbers drop, but they are part of the internet of everything (IoE). We also don’t’ count devices that don’t have their connection (I have a speaker that connects only to my phone or tablet. It is not a connected device, it connects to a device to connect).

Today the number of devices that are connected has continued to expand rapidly. The number of connected devices has gone from less than 7 billion globally to more than 21 billion globally. These devices include remote sensors, cameras, and other security devices and weather stations.

No, not all 21 billion devices are in my house.

I do, however, know thanks to Fing, how many devices are connected and when new device connect. I have one network in my house that doesn’t connect to anything other than the internet and IoE devices. You can’t log into that network and print or look at files. That is one purpose, to separate and firewall the IoE devices. I don’t have security on that network other than Fing watching connections, on purpose.

The future of IoE is the reality of networks. Without a solid network, you can guarantee your IoE systems are going to become useless slowly.

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