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The impact of SEO on posts!

I have been posting fun author tips and information about SEO. Let’s take today as the last day in this series to think about what, why, and how. I have a friend that always talks about Why we do things, drives what we do and how we do it. When you’ve attended a few of his sessions, he shorthands that to Why drives what and how. In the world of SEO, the thing that catches attention is why. The title is the way of an article. Each of us, wandering the online world, often stop and read things that have catchy titles. I also know, by the way, if the title is catchy and the content isn’t good, we don’t often go back to that article, or sometimes even go back to that site.

Many internet sites support two distinct types of SEO entry, as discussed yesterday, Tags and Titles. Catchy titles will drive attention. But the reality of catchy titles has to be backed up by interesting content. Go back into your old Virily posts. Consider the types of titles you’ve used. Do some exploration and see if you have any posts that have more than 300 views. What was the topic you discussed? For me, I have two distinct categories that I tend to post in. The wander project will normally within 20 days of being shared reach 100 views. My technology posts often reach about 150 or more views in those 20 days. However, those posts still get views far longer.

For example, I recently shared a very high view, low comment (it has many comments now, but originally did not) post. In fact, since sharing the post, it was picked up another 120 views. Good for the site, good for me! But the real benefit for the site is the roughly 1100 external views that post has generated. It was a topical piece about a robot from roughly three years ago. It has 1200 views on Virily today. The title Just another shameless review meet Jibo is a title I’ve used before. It is also a tag I use on occasion. The first time I released the article on Virily 3 years ago, it got 100 views. Three years later, with no sharing until recently, it has gotten around 900 external views from Google and Bing searches.

I understand the frustration a lot of authors have, we don’t get credit for sharing or for the external views. But the site does, and ultimately the site pays us, so it is a good thing.

Take a look at your old posts, do you have some gems like the one below?

  • Question of

    in your old posts do you have one that you found with a lot of Views?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    you understand that posts about Virily may get 200 views, but they don’t do anything overall outside of Virily right?

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    • No


What do you think?

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  1. As soon as I have the time I am going to look over my old posts. Supposedly the count is a bit over 800 and I have no idea what I wrote about. Now I do have all my posts saved but that still does not make it easy to go back and find the very old ones. I have a question – when I finally dig out one of the first posts I wrote here and it makes some sense can I repost it just for fun?

  2. I often check my old posts, because I like linking them when they are relevant to the topic, and sometimes, I am surprised to see huge numbers of views. It’s a pity that some of them were affected by the missing photo issues. I discovered that while the missing photos from lists can be recovered, the ones from the story format are completely gone.

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