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The Ides of October

Many people love autumn and that is for many reasons. It can also be a depressing time if people think about the negative instead of the positive. This is a simple poll that focuses on the positive, however. The interest is in what people think about the fall.

  • What is your favorite thing about the fall?

    • The changing color of the leaves
    • It’s almost winter
    • Cooler and crisper temperatures
    • Football season
    • We don’t have fall or autumn where I live
    • Spring is right around the corner
    • Harvest, pumpkins, and the holidays
    • I don’t like fall/autumn
    • Other


What do you think?

14 Points

Written by Rex Trulove

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    • I do too, though it is often a prelude to the cold weather of winter. I spent most of the last four days doing yard work for an amazingly spry elderly lady in preparation for the winter. Yesterday, I trimmed back all of her thornless blackberries.

  1. I like the spring and the beginning of autumn, when it’s still warm. Rain, snow and cold weather I do not like and I can not wait for such weather to pass. Still, I have to admit that only autumn can paint nature with such magical colors.

    • That is one of the advantages or disadvantages (depending on viewpoint) of Florida. I have a cousin who grew up in Orlando when I lived at Crater Lake. On Christmas, we’d have 15-foot snowbanks and snow would be falling, while she would be wearing a bikini and enjoying the beach, with temperatures in the 80’s. By that time of year, the warmth sounded wonderful to me and the snow sounded terrific to her. LOL

    • No, but that is when it starts becoming the most noticeable. By late September in normal years, the hot days are over, but it still gets up to room temperature outside on most days. By the middle of October, the weather becomes unsettled and the leaves start changing color and falling from trees. A month later, we normally have snow on the ground.

      That is ‘normal’ years here. Eight of the last nine years, cold weather has arrived earlier than normal and lingers longer than normal in the spring. The first frost this year happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago and we’ve had three more since then. That is about a month early. The warmer weather this year didn’t actually start until July and it usually starts in May. The cool, wet spring, coupled with another above average snowpack lead to flooding throughout the state until it warmed up and dried out.

    • I very much love the spring. However, I’ve lived in places that got nearly unbearably hot during the summer. It is hard to sleep at night when it is still in the high 90s F. In the fall, the days are often still hot but I love it when the nights cool down to a reasonable point.

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