The hype on the supermarket

If you have noticed during the lockdown that the line to the entrance of supermarkets are is always long. Partly it was due to panic-buying and hoarding. Although the shoppers will not admit their fault but that is happening and it is obvious that they were buying items related to the corona virus.

Now that the lockdown is lifted it is noticeable that the entrance to the store is clear, no line at all. Inside the shopping area are only few shoppers so the guard need not control the number of people. No more crowds? That means the hype is over.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I guess it is normal that people worry when they hear than certain products are in short supply or big demand. We had this with toilet paper, hand sanitiser, face masks etc. It’s natural that in such circumstances people will buy more than they need, which of course only makes the situation worse. But I don’t blame people for reacting that way. I blame the people who first caused the shortages.

    There are still lines outside the supermarkets at the weekend,so I visit during the week when it is quieter.

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