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The Hot Chocolate Talk… – the Polls (and Possibly Some Other) Problem(s) Demystified…

In my previous post, The HOT Chocolate Talk… – a Couple of Bit Controversial Themes – the Sign-Up Option, the Loading Page Issue and Adding Hashtags…, I wrote about some current issues some people didn’t know anything about, like the Sign-Up option is (just visually) not enabled while it’s actually possible to make new profiles, the Loading (Posts) Pages issue for the Latest, Polls and other daily published posts pages which doesn’t exist at all when logged out, and some smaller issues when loading pages generally where it seems pages are not fully loaded so the colors appear a little differently…

I already published several posts on How to Make Your Poll Questions and Answers Properly…, and in both these articles I actually came to the same conclusion…, that the main problem is actually slow loading (of pages and generally) which I think actually causes many other problems here, not just with Polls, like the inaccuracy of the Virils Counter (User Balance) for example, therefore the questions and answers we are adding to our Polls problem too…

When you are trying to create (custom) Polls, the more and more you are trying and experimenting you are “adapting” and learning how to make them properly so what I learned is that it definitely mostly depends on time, so when you are adding questions and answers, but mostly answers, since all the questions will appear with only one Reload of the page while not always all the answers will appear, you have to give them some time to load!

If you for example add a question and one answer is missing you can Reload the page several times for it to appear or you can Delete the question and add it again and if the missing answer won’t appear Reload again until they both appear, but what I think is behind this problem is only time needed for the answers and questions to load as it seems like the loading is “late” so in order to add your answers properly you can actually skip all that Reloading and just do each action more slowly

For example, if you add a question no need to Reload the page immediately, instead you can just wait a little, do some other things, correcting your text and similar until it loads both the answers and then just Reload when probably both answers will appear…

Also, in one of my latest posts about this theme, The Meditating Coffee Talk… – When the Poll Answers Won’t Show Up and Double and Triple Questions and Answers…, I was explaining how to change your ‘Yes” and “No” answers into custom answers by Deleting them (with the Delete button on the right side of the answer) and adding the custom ones, or just changing them (erasing them manually with Backspace and writing the custom ones) before Submitting/Publishing your post because Reloading of the page turns those custom answers back into the generic “Yes” and “No” ones BUT!!!, the actual problem here is the same problem I explained above… – you have to wait until the changed answers load!!!… So, when you type your custom answer instead of the generic “Yes” and “No” ones into their fields they will stay like that if you wait for a certain time and then Reload the page if needed!…

The HOT Chocolate Talk… – a Couple of Bit Controversial Themes – the Sign-Up Option, the Loading Page Issue and Adding Hashtags…

The Coffee Talk… – How to Load the Pages That Won't Load and Some Other Info…

The Meditating Coffee Talk… – When the Poll Answers Won't Show Up and Double and Triple Questions and Answers…

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  1. Well, at first with the polls I kept doing what you do. However, I try not to put too many questions in the polls.
    What I do is ask a question with yes or no.
    Ask a second question and I don’t see anything but I have found when I publish it, the question comes up as I put it.

    Now I have the same problem with the quizzes and to be honest I gave up on quizzes as it seemed that I had to repeat the same performance several times and took up too much time.

    • OK, great, I am glad it is useful and works for you…!!! You can add as many as you like, they will all appear when you Reload the page… When it comes to answers you can add even custom ones if you want, just have to be careful and do it with a little more patience due to the thing I described here…
      I know, sometimes they appear, sometimes they don’t, but to be sure you can just Reload the page after adding the question(s) and they will appear… Just be careful with your title as it will disappear too with Reloading the page so you have to put it in the end…

      I understand… Norman wrote the solution for that and it’s also based on reloading the page and is not that complicated… First you add the questions, Reload, all the question appear, then you add the answers, reload and they should appear too I think…

    • Yes, I am aware of that and that is actually why it’s important things to get fixed and why we kinda all are pointing it all out this much and complain about it… It’s simply not good for the site if success is its goal… Unfotunately, for who knows what reason, no one listens to us………

      I am kinda used to it and also kinda gave it all up so these are just my analyses…, but generally it is disappointing and kinda ruins our experience and will here until it ruins it completely… :/|

  2. I never post in a draft. I’m going to the poll. I’m downloading the photo. I write my question and upload the photo again. I put the title. I’m going to poll again. I delete the unnecessary repetitive question and shape my post and publish it without any problem. I hope you understand me.

    • Hahahah, I hope I understand you too, heheeh…! 😀 😉 Yes, understand you… 🙂 That is great but there is a problem with the appearing of all the answers sometimes so that is why I wrote this post as many have similar problems… Also, if you Reload the page several times it might happen that some questions appear even tripled (with each Reload) so I think it’s the best to Reload until it stops doubling them and then delete the unnecessary ones… This problem mostly appears when there are more questions but it appears when there is one too…
      Drafts are currently not working so we can’t use them but this way they are partially not even needed…

  3. The way you share is very useful in the current situation, but I find it easer being able to save drafts and seeing previews, and of course, it would be even better if it worked properly in the first place.

    • Of course… I’m actually finding it even easier this way except for some things like the constantly disappearing title so I have to copy-paste it all the time or save it in the text before moving it in its place in the end, but I’m actually handling everything else even more easier this way since even with saving drafts it wasn’t always working properly…
      Glad you think it’s useful and I’m hoping you are managing to do it properly this (or any other way) way while I of course agree it would be the best if everything worked like it should be…! 🙂
      But I also have to say it’s also kinda interesting exploring this way… ;/))

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