The homeless in this era of the corona virus

Not only the entire country but the whole world is being ravaged by the corona virus which is officially called covid-19. Social distancing is the order of the day, every day, to avoid and prevent the contamination of the invisible virus. The general public is now learning how to do the proper social distancing by staying away from anyone to have at least a distance of 1 meter and longer is better.

But what about the homeless who live in the street? They stay in the street and even cook their food right on the sidewalk. If the virus can fly then for sure they are already contaminated. So what should the government do about them? One officer of a local government shrugged his shoulders to signify helplessness. He said that the homeless people are like ants that multiply so fast. And with this issue of the covid-19 virus, they are probably more resilient than most of us.

  • Do you have homeless people in your country?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. This is sad. When I was in Cebu last August, I saw a couple of kids about five and seven sleeping on a make-shift bed on the sidewalk. A few meters ahead, a drunk adult sleeping with a half-empty bottle of ‘kulafu’…

    The biggest irony was, just around the corner was the barangay hall and a fire sub-station.

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