The Gift of Redeemption

The weakness of the soul may consume you and make you really mad at times. However, when you call upon the Lord, it takes no time for Him to come and help you. All that you need to say is “Save me Jesus”. You will find His mighty hand coming towards you to save you.

He gives His 100% to you and in the way we would receive it and that is how His ways are amazing. Jesus Christ can make us come out of all the bondage because He knows our story. His ways of helping us are astonishing and would definitely surprise us.

All those who are stuck in the addiction and need help to come out of it should surely call upon the Lord. He can give you the best according to your faith. Go to the rehabilitation center and try your best. God starts working where the doctors cannot do anything. When the world gives up upon us and when we do not want to loose our beloved ones, we need help from God. There is none other than Jesus who knows how to take care of us and cleanse us out completely. It is all about saving our soul.

  • Are You Redeemed?

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Written by puregrace

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