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The future is coming, and it is very bright!

One of the things smartphones do is changing the pocket paradigm. Phones that once easily fit in your pocket don’t always do so now. But, the abilities of headsets and other things like that, mean you don’t have to dig around in your pocket as much. You can quickly answer calls on your headset. You can check the weather and some other integrated things without removing the phone from your pocket. If you add a smartwatch, you can even interact with your phone, from your wrist.  What is available to your phone now versus 10, 12 years ago is impressive. The first releases of smartphones did not include GPS’s. They did not include camera options, and in many cases, they were bound to slower memory (external).

The rise of the iPhone changed that and frankly between Apple and Android phones today what was and what it isn’t even comparable. I remember when the first phones with GPS shipped. I remember when the first phones with Caermas shipped. These changes were market movers. The next change for cell phones will be the releasing of 5g. Now fifth-generation cellular or 5g is a different beast than 4g or what we commonly now call LTE. As you consider 5g the change is massive for applications. Applications suffer when networks have what is called Latency. To simply define latency, it is the time between you asking a server for something (may I log in) to the reality of the server responding to you (yes, your credentials are accepted you may log in).

5g will make real-time facetime conversations or real-time video conferencing on your cell phone easier.

The question that comes to me is what else will be added to cell phones (and intelligent cars) that we don’t have today. 5g opens the door to data. It also opens the door to evaluating where and how you consume data today. The smarter the organization is, about data the better off its users will be. Tomorrow will bring information truly at our fingertips and the capacity to share, interact and drive that information.

The future of technology is going to be 5g! The change to smartphones is going to be huge.

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  1. I am not a fancy type of person. I only change my phone when it requires changing. I basically wait for it to almost die before I get a new one ???. And I don’t like spending a lot of money to cellphones either. However, I acknowledge the progressive changes in this technology because see, now, I can even write without the laptop.

    • My wife tends towards safety rather than high tech for the most part. But then, she can always ask me to fix it, so it isn’t a huge risk.

      She actually got an Apple Watch about a year ago and loves it. She got her first new phone in October of this year. (she usually gets my hand me down phone).

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  3. Around the beginning of last year (if my memory is correct), I have told trainees from one of my client companies that 5G is an example of the shorter pace of change. I say that the possibility of 5G will be socialized (or started to be marketed) in Indonesia at the end of 2018 while even many 3G users (and telecommunication providers investment too) haven’t switched to 4G fully!

    I think 5G will definitely need and use a lot of memory and internet quota.