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The Friday In Black and White – We are still here. – Let's celebrate!

I guess you all noticed the new changes on Virily after yesterday’s maintenance. I don’t think we should despair. Everything is constantly changing and we have to get used to these changes! Better to see the full side of the glass. We are still here and that is important!

I will continue as before. I will be here every day. It’s worse for users who don’t post.  Maybe Virily wanted to clean the site of inactive users. Who knows?

 Let’s celebrate and be happy we are here!

  • Will you still remain here after these changes?

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    • No


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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Money or not money, I will remain. I don’t think they’ll remove inactive users because it means removing their content. Let’s celebrate for the changes taking place.


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