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The Friday in Black and White – Someday I'll be like you!

In street photography I prefer black and white because, in most situations, the message is much clearer, the eye is no longer distracted by various details in the frame but follows the action and mimic the characters.

The child in the photo was closely following the two young people and seemed to imitate their movements. It was interesting to watch him.

  • Black&White or color photography? What do you like in street photography?

    • B&W
    • Color


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. There was a time when there was no color TV and no color photography , and indeed it was a best and beautiful time , people were very helping and true , but since the color thing came , nothing left like past time

  2. I would choose both options, it depends on what I see in the photo.
    Your capture is so adorable, smiled while looked at this photo. And so true, life goes on …