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The foods that age us the most

The aging process is scary and intimidating. And relating this process to what we decide to put on the plate, everything can become more complex.

There are certain foods that have the ability to improve the appearance of our skin. And then there are others that have the enormous ability to make our appearance worse (when consumed in excess):

Red meat – rich in carnitine, a substance that, in excess, affects premature aging – red meat should not be consumed more than once a week. It is important to look for other sources of healthy fats (eggs, vegetables, etc.).

Salt – Causing increased blood pressure in our body, excessive salt consumption may precede a reduction in collagen production, something that leads to premature aging.

Trans fats – By supplying our body with empty calories, these unsaturated acids, normally produced industrially, are present in most of the processed foods we consume and which are some of our worst enemies in the area of nutrition. These can also be responsible for blockages in our arteries.

Sodas – Soft drinks, which are extremely sugary, can greatly accelerate our aging process, since they have enough power to destroy our cells, instead of regenerating them. Choosing to drink water or natural fruit juices will always be a much more viable and healthy option.

Sugar – Like a drug, sugar is also addictive. The fact that we “eat with our eyes”, and even with our sense of smell, triggers in us the feeling of inability to resist certain sweeter foods. It is as if we feel an uncontrollable urge to eat a chocolate cake when we smell it nearby.Refined white sugar, when consumed in excess, accelerates our aging, directly affecting blood vessels and reducing the tone of our skin. Choosing to consume healthy natural sugars will be the solution.

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