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The floating city Venice, Italy

It is said that Venice is the most visited city in the World. It has 118 islands connected by 400 bridges and 150 canals.  Enough therefore to define Venice as the most interesting city in the world. .

We arrived at Venice from Switzerland by bus and to get to our hotel we had to take a water bus (vaporetto) There is no road transport.  You take a boat or a water bus or walk over the bridges from one island to another.

Sadly the water in the canals is not clean as  it gets mixed with industrial waste as also human waste. That is one reason why we did not take that Gondola ride.  Suffice it to say however there is enough there to please a tourist.  We were happy.

Reports have it that Venice is slowly sinking as water from the sea gets in each year.  After all Venice is built in water.

  • Did you know Venice is slowly sinking because of rising sea levels

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