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The Flexible Bamboo ~ Color Crazy Green

The weather has been very friendly today. The breeze, the sky is clear with the sun not too hot like saying “This is the right time to check the situation around you”. So, when I don’t feel the need going anywhere today, then I use the opportunity to go around the house to check this and that; weeds, wild animals, cliff conditions, holes in the ground and others.

Well, it turns out everything is safe and fine. My wife is often worried about cliffs that could have landslides, but because the cliff is located on the edge of someone else’s property area, there is nothing else we can do but plant bamboo trees taking into account that the roots are very reliable in gripping the ground.

Apart from its main function there, this bamboo tree also helps block the wind that is too harsh, also has given us a certain entertainment with the noise of its sound when it is blown by the wind and the green scenery that is pleasant and refreshing. Indeed, sometimes there are additional events that can be interesting or a little scary, depending on who sees them; some snakes sometimes play on the bamboo tree.

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  1. Like a bamboo boy I made a fishing rod.
    Even today, in addition to the developed technology, bamboo sticks are the best when fishing on a float, and use a feather from the goat’s wing for floating.
    Hand painted naturally.
    To my knowledge, he needs plenty of water for growth.
    Very decorative three.

    • Bamboo is the best natural ingredient for making rods! Its strength and flexibility are very good for that.
      Amazingly, besides being beautiful, bamboo plants produce 35% more oxygen than other plants in general. Bamboo plants are even capable of spawning new springs. Bamboo plants that are planted along the watershed, are able to add 240% more underground water than planting pine.
      Unfortunately, bamboo can be a difficult plant to grow, especially if you live in a climate that has very hot or very cold temperatures, but its need for water is as much as other plants.

  2. I should plant bamboos here. I wonder how they would fair in our climate. The strong winds seem to be making our cypress come up from its shallow roots. We would have chosen a different tree is we had known this before. Great photo Albert.

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