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The First Morning ~ Wednesday Shadows

This morning was the first morning I walked again after stopping more than three weeks ago. A sunny morning, fresh air and cool breeze, also with the chirping of birds in the trees always give its own pleasure at times like that. Usually, I walk if my time is freer but I will jog if there is less time. The important thing is that I move so that my body sweat.

As I walked down the bend to the motocross hill, a sound in the grass on the roadside caught my attention. Well, who knows there are creatures that I can take its pictures of for the coming Saturday. Unfortunately, the creature did not appear again as I approached. When I was about to continue that path I saw my own shadow and the shadow of grass that seemed interesting enough to be captured like a picture. Maybe because I am not photography minded, I was previously less concerned and less aware that my shadow had been following wherever I moved, and amazingly, the shadow was never left behind… it always had the same speed as mine. lol

Ahh… Maybe the creature just reminded me that I had another opportunity to post something for Wednesday Shadows.

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