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The Father ~ Saturday Critters

Susie’s attitude was very strange over the past week. She always goes berserk every time she is approached or met face to face with Blue or Black. I guessed that happened because she was pregnant again.

I thought that not long ago Susie gave birth to her three children where Black was one of them. She gave birth to Black on January 3, as I have said in the previous post. The photo above that I shared in Saturday Creature this time is a picture of Black’s father, which I have never seen again since the last few weeks.

Susie now prefers to be outside the house. She will disappear a few hours and go home just to eat or choose to relax on the front porch or back rather than playing with Black and Blue inside the house as before.

  • Do you know how many times a year a cat can give birth?

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  1. If you check the net it says that a female cat can give birth as many as 6 to 8 times a year as long as she is young and healthy. But as she grows older and has a lot of litters she will grow weak, lose weight and eventually you just might lose her. I think she can be spayed about three weeks after giving birth but I am not too sure so just ask a vet or check on the internet. I strongly suggest you have her spayed as she will be with you and Blue and Black longer. She might still be going out because that is her way now, but maybe she will stay more around the house instead of always looking for a mate. Black’s father is very handsome but he too will not last too long if he stays outside and fights for the rights to mount a female cat.

    • Thanks for your information and input, dear friend. 6-8 is so much. I think, we really have to spay it.
      Two months since Black was born, I never saw Black’s father again. Apparently, Susie’s partner is currently the one who lost the competition with black’s father.

      • My vet says four weeks, and not to worry, she can still nurse the other four weeks. That idea scared me so I waited until Nickle quit nursing or when the kittens were 8 weeks old. Which didn’t always work. As I mentioned she would come into heat 2-3 weeks after giving birth. At least Susie waited 3 months.

  2. She can come into estrus when she is still nursing the last litter. Sometimes within four weeks of the litter born. Since you live in a place where it does not get cold her season might last all year long. Her health will start to fail having too many litters.

  3. It depends on how many times I want the owners to have small kittens. I have friends who only once allow this to happen to their cats. For the homeless, there is a purely theoretical calculation that I can have 5 births per year.

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