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The evolution of the software market. Everything for a dollar!

The evolution and I do mean evolution, of the software market, is interesting. The rise of the iTunes store in 2008 is a huge driver. Yes, the later explosion of Android required Google Play. But the initiator of the change was the Apple iTunes store. I’ve talked in the past about that change that occurred with the opening on the iTunes store. The big initial change was the cost of applications. I grew up in the enterprise software space. So to me, the cost of applications was often 1 million dollars (please use your best Dr. Evil voice and make that into a 20 syllable utterance). The software was expensive. I was at the time using an number of products and paying 20, 30 or even 50 dollars for the software.

Evolution number one was the release of 99 cent software. It changed the market and honestly stood it on its ear. When I was a kid trading a nickel and later a dime and a quarter for a piece of candy was a fair trade for me. The later world I lived in 19.99 for software seemed a fair evolution. The sudden appears of 99 cent applications changed everything. Suddenly the smartphone became a platform. Now it with great sadness that I report here, that Microsoft was the leader in Smart Phones in 2007. By 2008 Apple was the leader. Now the leaders are Apple and Android. Android is having many more phones in the wild than Apple now. But the innovations go Apple first, or Android first. Windows phones made by Microsoft are no more.

The second evolution is the most important in my station. It is the reality of what I call bite-sized applications. I grew up in the enterprise software space. I sued to support people with computers that had 1-4 megs of RAM. Operating a DOS-based load system that connected to the Novell S3erver, and loaded HiMem.sys. We loaded Excel and hoped we could load the financial spreadsheet. It was a different world. The reality of bite-sized applications is we are willing now, to accept smaller screen real estate and less information in the application. Games like Angry Birds (I am addicted) and Mobile Powerpoint have become the norm. The market has moved away from expensive applications.

The next evolution will be the full integration of IoT devices with your mobile phone.

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    Is 19.99 (US) too much for an application?

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    Do you use Freemium applications (free but some features require you to pay for them).

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  1. It depends on how much I think the app is worth. I might or might not spend $19.99. ?
    I imagine an app called ‘useless app’ that is on the market for that price, and tons of people buying it. Maybe it has already happened, I can’t recall.
    As technology evolves, there will always be expensive gadgets that are “better” than others. You’re lucky when you’re gifted with patience, you can save some money waiting for the thing you wanted to decrease in price. ?
    Well, I’m not patient but thrifty and it works alike.

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