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The Editing Drafts Problem


There seemed to be a problem with editing drafts, actually with finding the button for it… I already wrote about it like a month ago when I published my articles about the Virily changes that happened and started happening at that time so I included that thing too…

The thing about editing articles is written in this article: The Current Changes on Virily – an Info from the Admin and the New Look of Posts on Profile Posts Pages (and think more to come…)!!! 😉,

and some things in this article: Updates on the Virily Changes and Some New Findings…

Anyway, the button is under each draft in the small menu which appears when you hover over the three dots, which I also mentioned and explained in The Current Changes on Virily – an Info from the Admin and the New Look of Posts on Profile Posts Pages (and think more to come…)!!!  😉.

Now I see some are mentioning “some other problems” with editing I don’t know anything about so I’m a little confused and wondering if some people are really having problems with editing and publishing drafts ASIDE from the problem with FINDING the Edit Button…..?

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  • Do you have a problem finding the Edit button…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you having a problem with editing drafts aside from finding the Edit button…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you having a problem with publishing articles…?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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    • Hehehe, thanks much…!!! At least someone recognizes and appreciates that not telling me “I don’t know anything” or asking questions being suspicious towards me…! :/ 🙂
      Maybe I do make mistakes but I say what I notice and what I’m informed about…
      Thanks much!!!… 🙂 Lacho also suggested me as a volunteer admin but I’m not sure I could handle it… – it’s already too much (and very exhausting this way) for me….. :/(

      PS Due to many conflicts I may reduce my activity here… 🙁

        • Hehehe, thanks…! 🙂 Yes, but I’m not sure how much I will stay involved in sharing my info with other users… I’m actually not sure how much I will stay involved with Virily generally too… :/ There are some people who appreciate my efforts and find my posts useful but there are some who think I’m just sayin’ c*ap or don’t appreciate it at all – I wrote about that in my post “When It’s Enough It’s Enough”… 😐 I try to help but some people are unfortunately very awful…! :/

          Hehehe, no…, admins are not hiding, there are just some that are posting too (like Virily Editor and similar…) but I think it’s their job to post such posts in order the site to be “valid” or something like that… 🙂

          • That is understandable. When I first started writing for virily, I did have encounters with notable people who may be creators of it, but I have not encountered in a while. I will check out your post this weekend once I clear out everyones replies. That is the reason why I sent you the invite to Quora too because it will be quicker to reach payouts compared to Virily. I base my questions off of what I encounter the day off. I also avoid the questions I ask that I prone to get a negative response.

        • Now only the Virily Editor is posting articles as far as I know… :/ (if that is what you meant…? :/ 🙂 )

          Ok, thanks much, I understand that… I’m actually answering and giving comments to other people’s posts first because that way I can earn more points – Virils (preparing an article about that), but it takes more time to manage all of that definitely…..! 😐 So I don’t know what is your practice but I can understand if it depends on your time too…! :/ 🙂

          Hmmmmm, not sure what you mean…..? :/ To me it looks like it would take longer to earn there…? :/
          I have a problem with Quora and their rules… Whatever I do it seems it isn’t suiting for them, and people are negative and criticizing almost all the time… I also find it very draining making up questions or answers….. 😐 , it’s just not something that would suit me, and yes, I’m quite overwhelmed by the negativity (here and everywhere else) so that would definitely just be way too much for me…! :/ 😐
          But I am thankful you sent me the invite…! 🙂 I’m just sorry I (probably) can’t join you there… :/|

          PS What means “I base my questions off of what I encounter the day off.”…?

          • When I say I base my questions off of what I encounter I’m meaning if I see something on television that can pose as a question then I post it. Or, if I see a news article online I will make it a question on Quora.

  1. I don’t have many posts, I usually post two articles every week, sometimes less, sometimes more. I don’t have drafts now, after a period of waiting my posts get approved, so I can’t help with this problem. My problems are with the polls, especially with adding pictures, I have to refresh the page, otherwise I get an error. This also means I have to write the text again.

    • Thanks… It’s ok, it was actually about the edit button but maybe some other people have some other (thankfully unfamiliar) problems that the other user wrote about… I know, that is the problem we all have, I already wrote about that too in one of my recent posts and some people posted about it too and how to work around those problems… 😉

    • OK, I understand, some people don’t have the need to save them… Great… Yes, you don’t have problems since you are a verified user so can publish whenever you want… Yes, I usually write longer articles so it takes more time…

  2. What I learned from you is that we have verified virily users whose articles get published immediately. Nowadays, I do a lot of reading and commenting. I’m a little bit tired with waiting for two to three days for my an article to be published.
    I don’t have a problem with editing button in draft mode. But, they should include edit button for published articles. I would like to update on some published articles.

    • Yes. I don’t know, I think articles are published right the next day now (except on weekends…)… :/
      OK, great, glad to hear that…! 😉 🙂 I don’t know will they decide to implement it in the future, I also think you maybe already asked me that, but I think that option is intentionally not given since every article has to be approved…

  3. OK. Let me try to clarify. I have three drafts at the present time. Two if them in the upper section and a third one underneath the two. If I want to edit the upper right hand side draft, I have no problem until I save it. But since I am not finished editing it moves back in the drafts on the left hand side of the drafts. Then if I want to edit it again, I hover over the three dots then press on edit. But since the edit is now over the bottom draft, I land on that draft which I do not want to. (Actually that bottom draft, I really would live to delete it but I cannot.) Anyway that is the problem I am having but no other comments seem to be talking about the same thing. I know that my posts are long and I do a lot of work on them but I cannot write a 7,250 character post in one shot… sorry about that….

    • Ok… No one else commented about that because this post wasn’t actually meant for such problems and I think no one has the similar problem because I guess it is actually not a problem (a glitch)… You actually already asked me about this in one other post and I already explained what could be the problem and how to do it… I don’t know how you don’t manage to click on Edit but I told you you have to keep that Menu visible while moving towards the Edit button… If the Menu disappears while you are moving the cursor (move the cursor from it) you will click on that draft instead on the Edit button…
      I don’t believe there is an actual glitch with it but if there is you should write to the admins…

    • How come when you posted the article about it yesterday…!?? :/ You are welcome, hahahahah…….! 😀

      I actually posted this because one of the comments in your article and even a post about it later where a member answered thinking you were having a different problem aside from this one with finding the Edit button so I’m actually interested and wondering which EXACTLY problem were you having with editing drafts – finding the button or something else…..??? 🙂

  4. Sometimes editing a post, the whole format will change… like all the paragraphs joined up as one (it had happened, but I haven’t edit any drafts in a while, so not sure if its fixed)

    The is the problem with the cover photo …
    and polls questions and options not updating … old news …
    I guess everyone knows them by now :p

    • I didn’t know about that, but sabtraversa commented the same thing below… She seems to be having the same problem not being able to separate paragraphs… :/|

      Yes, those are some other problems I already wrote about in other recent posts and didn’t actually mean here… Yes, they probably already do…! ;/D

  5. I voted no, but actually I have a problem with publishing articles.
    It has to do with formatting. I press the return key twice to leave a blank space between two paragraphs, but it never saves. So… how do you do that? 😄
    I add a space (space bar) in that blank line, it usually works when it comes to polls, but it doesn’t always work elsewhere.

    • OK, that is not the problem I asked about so it’s ok… (PS Seems some don’t even understand the questions so the votes are not accurate….. 😐 )

      You mean “Enter”…? I don’t know, I just press it once and the new paragraph is there… Maybe try saving a draft after each new paragraph made…? :///
      Really weird…, I don’t have such problems………… :/||

      • I know, out of three questions in the poll, I went for something that could have been related to the last one. I think I only edited a draft once in my entire Virily “career”, so the issue doesn’t hit me personally. 😅

        Back to the paragraphs, there were two times the paragraphs were fine, until the last preview when I submitted, I did the blank space character trick. However, when they got approved, the blanks disappeared and all the paragraphs were glued. The posts were “the superior species (image)” and the recent one about OCPD (story).
        I’ll try to do as you said, but it just looks like it doesn’t recognize the double enter, and it only counts as one. I can even add three or four enters, but it will always think it’s one. I wish we had an option to use plain HTML, at least I can just add the code that will make me separate two paragraphs. 🤪

        • Hehehe, not a problem… I am editing them all the time since I’m writing these very long articles, but actually, even if I don’t…, ahhaha ;D

          Hmm, I didn’t notice that…
          I don’t understand… 1 is for the new line and 2 for a new paragraph. Oh, ok, I understand… i don’t know why that happens to you, maybe it is the browser problem, maybe you could try another one…? ://
          I don’t know how to use HTML and what it actually is… :/ 😀 😐

    • OK… The problem is that is there actually a problem or just a false alarm by some of the members (I explained below in the other comments)… I don’t have any problems with editing nor publishing, the problem for some of the members was only finding the Edit button while a member (the computer technician) commented about some other “editing and publishing posts problems” thinking the author asked about that! 😐

    • Yes, I think so too… But there were some comments where 1 person (the computer technician member) was actually mentioning some other problems and even posted an article about it, but I think he actually didn’t understand what the author actually asked, hehehe….. ;/D The problem is when those people don’t answer comments so you don’t know what it actually was about, or just say “thank you for the comment” instead answering what was asked or said… 😐

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