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The Dreaded Valentine’s Post Box

When I went to grade school I was a shy girl in long braids. Every year I dreaded when Valentine’s came. This was because the teacher would ask us to write Valentine’s cards to our classmates. Those cards are still available today. There used to be special boxes of Valentine’s Day cards for children. They had the usual hearts, flowers and even animal pictures on them of cute bunnies, puppies and kitties. You just wrote on the back who you were sending the card to and signed your name. You can find these old fashioned cards online so if you want to surprise your friends then give them these original cards.

Once we got to school we would take these cards and put them in a large, hand-made red Valentine’s postbox. Then the teacher would choose someone to help her and the box would be opened up and the Valentine’s handed out. How I dreaded this each year because I was embarrassed to give a Valentine and completely tongue-tied when receiving one. There was nothing for it every year it all happened again. I forgot which grade I was in when this tradition stopped being important but in the smaller grades it was

Then one time my teacher came up with something different and asked us to write Valentine’s poems. I had never written a poem before since I was only 6 years old. So I went home and told my dad who was a poet and writer that I had to come up with a poem. Now mind you this poem could be only one verse but it had to rhyme. My teacher was quite amused by the verse my dad helped me with and through all these years I still remember it well.

Be mine, be mine

Says Valentine

But I answer to him

I like better Jim

My dad had a great sense of humor and I had a poem.

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  1. what a wonderful memory. I remember those boxes. When I was a teacher I fixed the one thing that always bothered me, by making sure every single bag on my desk was full of Valentine wishes. The kids never knew the cards were from me.

    Everyone went home with their wishes!


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