The dire need for #Water harvesting

The topic  of water harvesting has become a global phenomena and countless suggestions are being made but sadly individuals do not follow a single one of them.  They would rather buy water than take the trouble or spend money that would help harvest water.

There is one way perhaps that has not been suggested and that would be just digging pits in compounds which would help collect water in the rainy season   which would eventually  percolate into reservoirs.

We have eight such pits and happy to say our well water is always there. It is possible that water which gets percolated because of these pits may not get into reservoirs that help fill up our well but someone somewhere must be doing that.

As they say something is better than nothing.

  • Are you playing any role in harvesting rain water?

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  1. Even if it doesn’t flow into the reservoirs it replenishes the ground water table. We have rain water filters fitted to our outlets and have sunk the pipes deep into then earth -7-8 feet .

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