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The Dilemma of Masks

Many of the people who are wearing masks are risking infection. In actuality, they are no better than those who are not wearing masks.

I have noted the manner in which people wear masks and how they take them off. It is sad that they touch the masks when removing them thus the vulnerability of contaminating the masks. They don’t take off the masks through the straps.

They hold the mask, lower it to their neck then hold it to return to their face. 

The masks are disposable but since many people can’t afford to frequently buy a mask, they reuse the mask which is not recommended. 

These are some of the challenges faced.

I think face cloth coverings should be washed after use. I don’t know about surgical masks whether they can be washed and rewashed for reuse.

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    • It is also good to be careful even indoors to reduce the spread of the virus. The washable masks are good to reuse because those that can’t be reused are expensive like here in my region.

  1. When I wear a mask and gloves in a public place (store) then I throw them away. Surgical can be used for 4 hours. But when I go to work I don’t throw them away. I’ll explain why. Before I go out, I first put on gloves and then disinfect them. Then I put on the mask. Of course I catch her as an eraser. I get off and get in the car. I travel without stopping and talking to someone. I stop in front of the house where I work (I travel 10 minutes). First I disinfect the gloves, then remove the mask and leave it in a ventilated place. Then I remove the gloves and wash my hands with soap. Starting today in Spain, people over 65 and others with respiratory problems will receive 3 masks with a prescription. They are surgical and can be washed with a weak bleach solution. Then they are ironed with a very warm iron. These are the recommendations of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

    • Thanks for the explanation. Following after the Ministry of Health recommendation is the right thing to do because they know the best. The precautions you undertake will make the surgical mask still effective in reusing.

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