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The day has finally arrived when I need to go mobile!

I have never owned a mobile phone before now. I have never seen the point of carrying a phone round with you all the time – a landline has always been perfectly OK as far as I was concerned. And if I want to use the Internet, I have a computer at home that suits me just fine.

However, yesterday a situation arose in which I realized for the first time that having a mobile connection might actually be useful. I had left the house before nine in the morning, convinced that I would have to do a shift at the public library on my way home, which is about a mile and a half away but also on my bus route.

I therefore got off the bus at the library at half past one, only to discover that somebody else had agreed to do my shift. They had left an email message for me which they fully expected me to have read. However, because I had not been home in the meantime, I had no way of getting the message.

So – a mobile phone with Internet connection it is! Mind you, if anyone sees me looking at my phone every five minutes or walking along the street with it clasped to my face, or playing stupid games on it, they have my permission to shoot me! 

  • Do you own a mobile phone?

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    • No
  • If you answered Yes, do you find yourself using it more than once a day?

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    • No

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  1. I think it is unfair to email and assume it was read. I had to get a cell phone by force but NEVER have used it on the internet. It is a 3G flip phone that cost $10.00 US years ago. It sometimes is off and wrapped in aluminum foil for days at a time. One of my friends called me on my landline and said he texted me 3 days ago and I told him “Wait, let me see if I can find my phone”. I don’t really love people assuming that I am ‘connected’ or constantly available like them. Oh well.

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