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The Dashboard Is Saying “Zero” and Virily Was “Down” Recently…

Hi guys!!!

You all noticed and posted about Virily being “down” (one time that I noticed) lately and what I noticed is that the state on the (/my) Dashboard changed at the beginning of the month… Must say I’m not sure it is/was a usual practice but I know there was a number in my Total Unpaid that was then changed into Zero.

My first thought was that it happened because it is a new month and that calculations are now probably made, but the problem is that the dashboard usually isn’t updated until the End of the month… Also the site (a day or two) later became unreachable so I thought that was the reason…

Now, I’m not sure what was the reason for the site being “down” but the dashboard still says Zero, except the “Last Month” section which says some (incorrect) amount of $ which we in someone’s article already agreed is a “normal” state – it’s like that until the Dashboard updates…

So tell me your opinions, and has it ever happened before the Dashboard to turn into Zero after previously saying you have some Unpaid Earnings…..

Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts…..!

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    Do you think the site being down has something to do with the earnings calculations?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
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    Has it ever happened the Unpaid amount in the Total to change into Zero at the beginning of the next month before?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Don’t remember
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    Do you find it worrying the Unpaid to change into/the Dashboard saying Zero?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so


What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • My is still showing Zero in all sections except Last Month (incorrect, very small number), and it wasn’t zero the previous month, it turned out zero at the beginning of the month… If it doesn’t change I will have to contact admins since yours is not zero…! πŸ™

      • And your balance in the Payments section – does it show your earnings for February? Today my balance for Last Month changed to more realistic number πŸ™‚ So, I hope things will improve!

        • NO. I was paid in Feb, it shows only Jan and Dec earnings and February payment is written like it was in November — “November -0001″… Also my other previous payments are written with the same name — “November -0001” while my October and November earnings are not written (although I wasn’t active then but I had some small earnings, nor in December where the sum is higher so maybe they are all summed up)…
          Yes, mine too, but I previously wrote to Virily Editor about that so I thought that is why it was corrected, so I see Feb earnings only in the Last Month…

  1. Since I was not very active, I can’t give any specific information aside from my total Unpaid Earnings has a positive amount on it and a few cents on the Last Month box. I will try to check on it from time to time to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hmmm, strange… Alex commented below that what I wrote is a “normal” state for the past few months but seems not everyone’s dashboard shows the same… My Total turned into zero at the beginning of the month and I have a few cents in the Last Month too.
      Ok, don’t worry, strange things happen there before it updates correctly at the end of each month…
      Thanks and very welcome!… πŸ™‚

  2. First off, Hi Tasartcraft, long time, no see. Hope you are doing well outside of Virily. I rarely check my dashboard and I am useless when it comes to numbers and calculations. I know I received a payment around Christmas time. I am just happy Virily is here because it let’s me posts articles that I want to write and not just nonsense on a certain topic like on other writing sites. My style of writing is rather academic in style (except for my life experiences posts which are far and few), so here I am and here I stay whatever the problems or outcomes. Sorry to sound so mean, that is not my intention but as I have said I am useless with numbers and understanding calculations and the dashboard here is basically a joke, so I do not really pay attention to it.

    • Hi!!!!! πŸ™‚ Well, yes, I’m here just not interacting all the time… πŸ˜‰ Good to see you too..! Thanks, I hope you are spending your time and doing great too…!
      I can understand that as many are doing the same, rarely checking their dashboard.. That is great and I’m glad you find it interesting here..! πŸ™‚ I also understand your need for writing sensible articles, that is something I want to do when it comes to posting my art although I’m not that sure there is a large audience for that here… :/ I would like to post somewhere where it could become more visible too… I like your writing and you articles, I actually love what you post, and since your articles are long and academic I can suggest you maybe one more place to post at too… It’s called Hubpages and I think they are “asking” for long articles although I’m not sure anymore since I haven’t checked it for a while… I also know some people earned there a lot while some other people claimed earning is very hard there but you can check it out and see what is the situation there if interested… I’m not saying you to leave Virily just that maybe you would be interested in this one too… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
      I don’t find you mean (but I can see what you meant by it.. ;)), I can understand you are useless with numbers, many are not checking their dashboard nor understand calculations, and the dashboard is usually not updated so… But I must say it wasn’t a joke at all when it was regularly updating before… I just think it’s useful to know where you stand with your earnings, especially if you are regular here and it’;s a shame it’s not updated more often..

    • Yes, i can imagine how it’s for you.. Yes, things became like that recently, it wasn’t like that from the start but it’s not good. You are welcome, I think Alex explained it better below, seems it’s a usual thing which I wasn’t sure I noticed

  3. the dashboard generally zeroes out at the beginning of each month and stays that way until the last week of the month, when it finally updates to what we hope is an accurate number. this has been going on since last year

    • Hi!!! Wow, I’m sorry to hear that and I’m sorry you have to be on myLot because of that… I suggest you to write to Natalie or Virily Editor, they should reply in such occasions… I know they answered to some users who had problems and yesterday I also got a reply from Virily Editor. Find them in Users, they are admins…..
      Anyway, good to see you, I hope you’ll come back and be here more often. How is the situation on myLot, I am a member there but I find it a little toxic and overwhelming when it comes to comments, there are different people and some of them are mean and provoking…

        • Carol I think you have to reply under her comment in order her to see it…..

          And yes, it’s too bad they are not answering her, especially that the situation is the same for that long… But maybe she should try other options, like writing them personal messages about it… They answered to me about other things, I don’t know why they wouldn’t answer her about that…

        • Yes I messaged him about some other things, but since we exchanged several messages I used the situation to mention your problem too, since you complained about it and no one was answering to you… But write him yourself too, that would be the best… He just thanked me for letting them know about it but said nothing else….. :/

        • Who did you actually message…..? Virily Editor…..? He should reply, he’s replying to me for the several past days… It also depends when you wrote him.. They are usually not there in the afternoon and during weekends so maybe he’ll answer on Monday if you wrote him yesterday… :/

          • Virily Editor, yes…. That’s who I messaged. Still no response from him. It’s been plenty of days now. I’d love to share some new art, but not if they aren’t going to fix things. I can earn $20 a month pretty easily on mylot lol.

        • Really?!? I’m very disappointed they didn’t answer you, really don’t know why they behave like that, they could at least say they’re working on things or just anything…..! But have you been paid during that time your dashboard was negative…? If you were then they are probably not answering because everything is ok, it’s just the dashboard problem then which is a problem of all of us… :/

          Really??? How you manage to earn that much…?!!

          • Still waiting, yes…..unfortunately πŸ™ I have not been paid during the time that my dashboard has been negative. Each month money has been put in the “monthly” earnings section, but my balance kept growing….in the negative direction. I added it up and at the end of February I should have got 10$

            And I do really well on mylot πŸ™‚ Just post a few times a day and interact with others. On really active days I can earn around $1.

        • If that is correct you should be paid this month then… Also, is your balance negative only in the Balance or the Total is also negative…? Or you have an amount in the Total…?

          That’s great, for me it is too much to post that much…

          • They added February’s earnings and it went down, I think…but it is still negative.

            And both the balance and total unpaid earnings are negative.

            Still no response from the Virily Editor either.

            And I understand, Mylot is a very different environment. I loved Virily, but if they aren’t going to pay me then I won’t post. If they fix things, I’d come back.

        • I’m sorry to hear that, I think he should answer about this..! It’s not ok not to answer about such situation… February earnings are updated (Last Month, Unpaid under Total, and Balance) but still no Month to Date.. Not glad yours went negative again… :/|

          I understand and it’s a shame…! I was banned from myLot for my behavior that I acted on purpose on some people who were previously bad on me, but I’m glad since I find it very toxic…

          • I really think he should too, but I feel I am being ignored. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Sorry that there are no month to date earnings updated yet…..and I would send a message via support, but I always get an error message.

            Sorry to hear you were banned from Mylot….that is awful! But I understand that you are glad since you feel that way about it.

        • I even told him about you and nothing.. That’s awful!!! 😐
          Try again…

          Always some problems there… Some rude people pretending not being rude, or it’s just me interpreting the wrong way…, but they interpret the wrong way too so…

          • I take it that they don’t care about me, oh well whatever….I give up.

            Sorry to hear that, but I understand. I haven’t come across those people….well at least they haven’t been that way to me.

        • Now I have some problems too and they won’t answer… Seems to me they don’t answer if they are having a problem solving your (our) problem, or when things are actually no to be worried about…

          Yes…, exactly…..!!! :/| But nevermind, it’s probably better me not to post there since it was a bad experience right from the start… Wasn’t like that always, and the site is really interesting in a way, but the communication can be quite toxic… :/

          Really glad to hear from you…! It feels like a relief when we can understand eachother and having the similar problems…

  4. Maybe because I rarely see the dashboard, I don’t pay too much attention to what happens. I just looked at the dashboard after opening this post, and I only saw a number in the “Last month” column but 0 in “Total Unpaid Earnings”, I thought it was because I was paid late last month.
    Well, I hope they will soon be able to solve this problem well.

  5. I agree with you, we should see our daily earnings. It use to bother me, but the few times they failed to pay me I contacted Natalie, and within an hour I had my earnings in my paypal account. So these days I try to go with the flow, It used to bother me a lot.

    • Good to know that… I didn’t know they actually missed paying you… Yes, how can you know if you should have been paid if you can’t see your earnings, except at the end of the month…, but we should be able to see them during the month too…!

      • Well, I had heard from other members that they received their payment. I knew I had to find out somehow why I was not paid. I messaged Natalie from support, and within minutes it seemed I received an email stating I received payment to my paypal account. I checked to be sure, and my earnings had been delivered.

        • Well that is really great to hear…! I’m glad you solved the problem quickly…..
          I contacted Natalie about something else but no reply… I contacted Virily Editor too and he answered, although I’m still waiting for the another reply which I’m not sure I will receive. :/

  6. I really don’t understand how the Dashboard works. Most of the time my columns just show zero, and sometimes when earnings have actually gone up by a dollar or a few cents, they go down again. That happened recently. Very disappointing. I believe they should definitely be given some way of seeing how many Virils we earn in a day, or a session on the website, even if we can’t see exactly how they convert into money.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “sometimes when earnings have actually gone up by a dollar or a few cents, they go down again”…? What section of the dashboard that happened in…?

      The dashboard updated regularly at the beginning but now it updates only at the end of the month… I know I had a number under Unpaid and since it is now a new month it probably changed into zero until the right number gets calculated but I wasn’t sure it happened before too so I wanted to check… I know weird things happen on the dashboard but eventually everything gets right at the end of the month when it gets updated in full… I agree it should be updated more often so we could see where we stand.. Also, this way we can’t be sure if the calculations are right… 😐

      I’m just not sure why is now zero but could be it’s due to new calculations, I don’t see any other reason…..

      • I meant in my last comment that my cash amount showed as $2,48 recently, but now it has gone down to $2.21, and that has happened before as well, by larger amounts. So the Dashboard only updates once a month now? Well, that would explain a lot.

        • Can you tell me exactly in what section (column) of the dashboard was which number…? I think I had the similar situation once before if we mean the same thing… I know when it happened to me it was due to calculations… In Total Unpaid Earnings you have Unpaid + This Month so when a new month begins that number has to change… the problem is not everything is calculated right away so at the end of the month it is the right number (at least we hope so because we don’t see what exactly happens during a month) but I think the numbers are correct, they are fair in paying so…

          Yes, before it was regular, updated almost daily, but now it’s only at the end of the month when payments are made…

          • It is quite difficult to explain without showing you. But I mean the column for Earnings, the cash amount in dollars, column at the far right of the Dashboard. You know the one I mean? Yes, I guess the problem is that now they only update once a month, often the Earnings have to be adjusted. I wish we could at least see how many virils we are getting though. When is the next Dashboard update due do you know, last day of March?

        • Yes, I know, that is Total which is = Unpaid + This Month…

          I know, I would like that too, but actually you can see it in a way if you look at the Virils in your Profile section of the menu…

          I don’t know exactly what day but it should be at the end of March…

  7. I think it happened before but since the “Last Month” is still there, then probably it will be carried forward (to the next month) …

    I never knew how much I would make, the dashboard updates monthly and not daily or weekly, it has always been so. I thought it’ll be good if Virily can add a monthly Virils column whereby we can track how much Virils we made per month. We still won’t know how much we earned ($$ wise) but at least we know how many Virils we make for that month.

  8. Your guess is as good as anyone else these days. I see zeros most of the time on my dashboard. For some reason we cannot get our daily earnings. Oh well, it is what it is. AS for th site being down, again with no communication, nobody knows!

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