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The Daily Limits (Definitely) Changed…

This is just a note that it seems the Daily Limits for Opening Posts are definitely changed. I am currently not able to write an article about it nor some other things here I wanted to write about but just wanted to let you all know that I checked it 2 times and the Daily Limits for Opening Posts are now reduced for its half… It means you could open 100 “plain” Posts (1 Viril) and 100 Polls and Quizzes (2 Virils) till now with some exceptions I described in my post Some Virily Practices – Opening Posts – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Opening Posts – Tips for Earning More, but now you can open 100 Posts all together…! I am not sure if the separate limits (for Posts, and Polls and Quizzes) are now “definite” and are 50 Posts each but I think they are not – that it doesn’t matter how much “plain” Posts and how much Polls and Quizzes you are opening but that you can open 100 of all of them all together… Having in mind the situation I described in my recent post, No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!, that is probably true…

When it comes to the Commenting Limit (of other people’s posts), having in mind what I wrote in my previous post(s) about it, The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…!, I am not sure what is actually happening with it since I couldn’t find the certain order in it but hopefully we will be informed about it or it will be fixed if it is a bug…

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    • Yes, I noticed you aren’t… 🙂 You are very welcome and take a look at my other recent articles if interested, I wrote about these things, changes and irregularities there too…

      Btw Just to know I’m opening all your posts (I think I opened all of them) just haven’t managed to comment too but hopefully I will and maybe you’ll post more… 😉

    • How come…??? :/ Yes, they are all there since the beginning… I was using it to earn more so I was also opening a lot of posts… Actually, that way both sides earn and the receiving one much more… Thanks and you are welcome… 🙂

  1. I haven’t really noticed it. Though I have read from the FAQs about these limits. I’m not sure if the FAQs are updated though.
    Nevertheless, I can only read as much as 15 posts a day. And I mean really read, not just open them and go to the next post just for viril points.
    And as much as possible, I try to leave a comment on each article.

    • No, they haven’t, for a very long time and much has changed since then……… 😐
      Yes, I understood… 🙂 I do that too with the posts or users I like and appreciate but I was and am “only” opening posts too (with upvotes or not) and was using this limit to be able to earn more, actually the minimum, since it’s already very hard to earn here… Actually, that way both sides earn a lot (I guess it’s good for the site’s traffic too) and actually the receiving one more than the giving one… 😉
      I do too but now that limit is reduced/under a bug too so I can’t comment all the ones I want to not even answer all the notifications (I mean I can but for free and i’ already spending a lot of my time here)… Although it’s higher than 15…

      • The problem is the admins are never telling us what is the problem… Such behavior is not acceptable to me anymore at all!!! They should say why it is returned and if editing is needed then to say that and not like this…

    • Thanks. I don’t know what is going on with that, I heard it was happening with some other users before too but I don’t understand why a post is returned if it’s regular… Maybe there are some mistakes in it so you have to edit it but the admins should Definitely give reasons why it’s done that way!!!…….. I am currently very angry at them because they are always acting that way – not providing any info nor answers and for me it’s pretty humiliating………! Maybe you couold write them about it and ask…

        • I know…, I had that in my mind and was aware of it, but actually, I unfortunately really got the impression of huge unprofessionalism and laziness if you ask me………!!! You can’t say it’s hard for them when they are not fixing the crucial problems for 2-3 years and doing all these changes almost very professionally within only 2-3 days while telling me in a PM they have “big plans for the site” some time ago but when asked about the communication and said how we all are very frustrated about it saying nothing, immediately going Quiet and Ignoring with just a simple line after some time “we are working on it”!……… I didn’t want to say it out loud above but not to mention how st***d they are which I experienced myself some time ago when asked for an edit of my post…: I literally had to “draw” them that -of course- you should have put a space between the text, didn’t know I had to point that out too………!!!!

          • They are always Ignoring when asked about Certain Questions and Problems – do you ever “wonder why”………… ;/||| That is what I noticed quite long ago actually and that is one of the reasons I see how they are working and why I don’t agree when some users say “check this or that,” when I see a pattern…

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