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The Current Situation on The Dashboard POLL

Hi all…..!

There is this situation on the dashboard currently, it says 1 number in the Total Unpaid, the other (a little larger) in the Last Month section (which seems not logical to me), and it was a completely different sum at the end of the previous month, larger than both of these numbers…

Since there was recently a member’s comment on my post Thank You Virily!… πŸ™‚ which could explain this situation, I suggest you to read @DocAndersen‘s comment which is the first comment from the top in that post and also my replies… It is about the message he’s got from the admins…

The thing is that if some of the points were deleted and, therefore the earnings reduced too, and I didn’t notice it is the situation in the total number of Virils (points) earned in the “Profile” section, I think there should be at least some explanation or a word from the admins notifying us what exactly happened, or at least a notification about the weird situation with the earnings…

Also, one other member recently commented on my other post,Β Is Anyone (Already) Paid for the Previous Month(s) / Have You Received Your February Payment?? POLL (the latest comment too), claiming that it constantly happens to him(/her) the earnings to drop from one number to another smaller one within two days, and that, if I understood correctly, because of that he once wasn’t paid and that it isn’t the situation that usually happens at the beginning of the month when the dashboard is still not updated regularly and in full… (?)

I know it is not my business to mention other people’s problems here but I thought it could help to understand the situation better….. (maybe?…..) :/

PS I would also like to mention that I noticed “a malfunction” that started recently to happen when replying to some of the comments in a thread so when you reply under the certain comment on the certain place (“branch”) of a “tree” (thread) you get no points (I’m not talking about the situations when you reached the limit in commenting on a post).

PS PS I’m glad that mentioning works again…! πŸ™‚

Note: The cover photo is my own design therefore not allowed for use.

  • Do you have the same situation on your dashboard?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever had the earnings problem that the user I described has?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you noticed the comments malfunction?

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    • No

What do you think?

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  1. My is still waiting. We have to fight to change the color of the liked posts. Sometimes, with no bad intent when he mistakenly presses, the likes of a post are falling. Or you might say, “You have already liked this post.” As it gives a message when the comment is under 20 characters.

    • It was updated a few days ago on all people’s profiles I think… Now only some numbers are not updated but the whole Total sum is…
      Ok, I understand what you mean, it can be tricky sometimes but now I’m used to it… Maybe it could be bolder…

  2. I admit I don’t understand much about how the virils turn into dollars, and haven’t really tried too hard to understand. But it was my belief that the value of the virils themselves change from day to day according to the income the site makes from ads. So, just like on the stock exchange here in the USA, the same number of virils one day may be higher or lower the next day or week or month. This is just a guess to explain why actual earning may fluctuate from time to time, but I may not really understand this at all.

  3. Not to long ago I was having trouble with uploading photos. It slowed me sharing the most recent post I put up. I totally didn’t think that it would’ve gotten fixed, but it did. I’m still kind of sketchy about what will happen with my next post.

  4. Who knows what is going on due to lack of communication. Your comment…”I think there should be at least some explanation or a word from the admins notifying us what exactly happened, or at least a notification about the weird situation with the earnings…” I cannot even get an email answered.

    • If they are not answering separate messages or e-mails then there should be a notification on their page or at the top of the main page about the important things, that is just what I meant…

      Unfortunately what I thought was a problem here, was actually my mistake in interpreting the numbers on the dashboard. Ellie helped below in the comments… And now the dashboard is updated in full… It just seems like we have to push them every time to do that or things that are important…! :/|

  5. Because of a bug that allowed users to add Virils (that they didn’t actually earn) the admin team actually removed some virils in Feb/March. They haven’t fixed the leaderboard yet (sad) but they did fix the payout totals.

    Sorry if you were impacted by the bug.

    Great article by the by!

    • Thank you but you are actually not right… Ellie helped me (read her answer below) and what actually happened (at least for now) is that February earnings are written in the Balance (which I forgot to check first) and the sum in the total are only Feb earnings, while the sum in the Last Month are March earnings….. What happened is that they are not yet summed up in the Total Unpaid but today I noticed they added This month’s earnings in the Total so I hope it will soon be updated in full…

      Bang! Actually I’ve just checked and the whole dashboard is updated in full!!!!! Great! πŸ˜€
      Thanks Virily!!!

      PS I had points from the drafts bug, probably everyone have some because saving drafts wasn’t functioning good, but it is not reduced (yet :/), so I don’t know, maybe they thought of some other bugs… There are users with a lot of fake traffic which they earned quite fast (I think) and it is hard to earn that much just from clicking “save draft”, so like I thought at first, probably there are probably some other, much bigger bugs that were a priority… (at least I think so) Maybe you have some other fresh information…..?

      Thanks. Best!

      • I was only answering the why were points removed. They are slowly but surely removing points from users that didn’t earn them. I suspect (ok I hope) that in fact they are only doing it for people that gained 30, 40 and 50,000 plus points doing that.

      • I’m sure I earned virils I shouldn’t have because of the draft bug when I was using the tool properly. I like to save the draft, preview, go back and correct mistakes, save and preview again, and repeat until I’m satisfied the article is ready to post. I was actually a bit upset when I saw a viril notification pop up every time I saved a draft, since I knew it would be something an unscrupulous person could exploit. I’m glad they got the bug fixed. I expect I will lose some virils when they go back and subtract them, and that’s fair. I hope they subtract any virils earned that way by anyone.

        I’m delighted to see the dashboard updated today and looking good. I don’t expect to reach payout for some time, since I don’t get to post as much as I’d like.

        • Yes, that is probably how many of us do when writing, especially because saving sometimes isn’t working well…

          Yes, it’s great it’s updated, although I do mind that it’s like we always have to push them to do so…

        • PS Yes, one must be very active and interactive here in order to earn fast. I am very active but I still don’t earn like some other people here which probably gain Virils other ways too…. – guest views, referrals, etc.

        • It seems you are right…! Thank you!!! I didn’t take a look at the Balance and never thought of what you wrote cause it’s always something missing in the Balance and it’s always something confusing on that Dashboard so I just freak every time…..! :/ I think the situation on the Dash. was usually different – that is always stated the full amount in the Total Unpaid, I thought it never happened like this, at least I haven’t noticed it, and Doc told me about the points deduction so probably that was my first “lead”… :/ 😐

  6. It was quite interesting I was up a bit over $6 and I thought oh, good a bit more than halfway to my goal. Then suddenly it went down and now is at $5.5. Now that is interesting because even though I am not here every day when I am I read, comment and I always post.

    • I would understand that dropdown if we had some fake points from saving drafts cause there was a bug, and probably all of us had some fake points from that, but it surely would have to be explained or announced. I guess they are maybe still working on that problem and the dashboard is still not updated so when it does I hope there will be some explanation in case the earnings stay this way!

    • Every point is calculated and shown on the dahboard. The problem is that it hasn’t updated correctly for a long time… The only sum that I constantly see on it is Total Unpaid and Last Month, those the numbers that are different between themselves (which is not logical)… All of the other sections on the dashboard (except “Yesterday” which updates only sometimes) are changing from day to day (probably not correctly) or not change at all, like now when it’s all Zero… I know it is a “regular” thing here but it should be fixed to work properly and the (difference in) earnings explained for sure!!!!!!!

      • I’ve realise a problem but i was thinking if it’s me only – that sometimes the views and interaction points don’t add up.

        I mentioned it once in a comment on another post.

        Example: I have 3 posts say each with 40 views (for that day, say 3rd March) but my points earned on 3rd March is only 50… it kind of doesn’t adds up 3×40=120… So shouldn’t I have at least 120 points? Or some views doesn’t count? Say if someone read my post twice and they won’t register the 2nd view?

        I’m not sure why, but as I say, I could be wrong.

        • If you mean the number of views stated in the post then I think it is the same situation with all of us. I once asked the admin and he said only the unique views count which means only 1 view from 1 person (1 computer)… If a person views it 2 or more times it register only 1 view. But I really don’t understand that thing because it looks impossible for me to, for example, I got points only from 4 people and it says 150 or 50 or even only 30 views on the post —– that sounds very impossible to me, because —– why would the same person view the same post 5 times or more…..??!!?!!

          • Hmm… I am curious as to why the points usually doesn’t add up correctly but there might be reasons – maybe their day is different from mine – due to timezone

            and as respond to your comment below, it does concern me if the money keep dropping but for me, the amount hasn’t been increasing at all… ever since my last payout in early March.

            I do know about the bug but like you said, they have to be announced to us? Instead of making us guess all the time! And it’s pretty unfair because some of one us didn’t intentionally “game” the system but we “have to” because of the bug.

          • One reason the same person might view someone else’s post more than once or even several times is if it is a post announcing a challenge one wants to participate in many times. I often find myself going back to review the rules or to get the URL for the original challenge post again.

        • Are you sure it isn’t increasing, maybe you are looking the wrong numbers…? “Profile” section always shows the right amount of points, the dashboard is not always updated correctly.

          There wasn’t the drop in points/earnings, it was my mistake, I didn’t notice what number is what and Ellie explained above…

          I understand what you’re saying and I agree… Thankfully, it wasn’t a deduction of points but my mistake! πŸ™‚

          • I am pretty sure mine wasn’t being updated, but it updated today and everything seems correct … So this is no longer a problem now πŸ™‚

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