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The connotation of star fruit

Summer is almost here with the appearance of the star fruits getting ready for harvesting in a few days. The star fruit has an odd shape with ridges like a grenade with divisions. When I was young, I heard the elders call the star fruit Sputnik in reference to the Russian space ship. I have no idea how Sputnik looked like but in my mind its shape was like the star fruit which is a falsity.

Due to the political plays of some politicians that they jump from one party to another, they were called balimbing which is star fruit in our language. In whatever side you look at the star fruit, nothing different can be seen which  is like a butterfly politician who changes color instantly from time to time. And now, the word balimbing means disloyalty.

  • Do you eat star fruit?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sometimes
    • it is not available here


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Written by Alex Socorro

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