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The concept of Virily Author responsiblity!

I had a wonderful conversation in comments yesterday that I wanted to share part of it. The person said that she truly enjoyed Virily and the community. I pointed out to her that as authors our use of Virily does convey a level of responsibility. The first responsibility is to be fair and honest. I am fair means that you try to present information that is correct, but also that you don’t say things that are demeaning to other authors.

Let’s start there, and it is important that articles we publish don’ force users or the moderators to step in.

  1. Curse words in any language are not allowed.
  2. If you present information that isn’t factual – hopefully, other authors call you out.
  3. This isn’t a verified user versus another user issue.

I have and continue to nominate people that live up to the Virily rules for Verified user status (per the FAQs). We have added several new verified users, and normally this seems to happen once a year. There are several things that the admins appear to look for in moving users from standard to verified status.

  • No reported posts or comments
  • No direct public attacks of Virily
  • No direct posts that attack other authors
  • It appears a minimum of 15 months (give or take a bit) contributing to the site.

I will be honest, and this is in part from the FAQ and in part from knowing who has been made verified in the past two months.

I know views are creeping back up, and I wanted to end today with a thank you to everyone who reads and comments!

 I’ve noted in the past two days that views are ticking up slightly. I suspect given the current frustration (old posts modified – pictures and posts separated. Unable to use quizzes easily being the two big ones), that people are still a little frustrated.

So again, to those who read and post, you rock. To those who comment you rock! To those who make comments about other authors or groups of authors, please consider the Reddit rule. Remember there is a human being on the other side of the keyboard.

  • Question /

    It isn’t us against them (standard vs verified, or verified vs standard) right?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    It is ok to report someone that attacks other authors personally, right?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Andre talked about starting awards for Virily, should we?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Do you help other users when they reach out to you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Your comments here are right, I think some people are bullies but never see themselves.
    I try to consider their views but that is not reciprocated.
    So in a way they are what they are.

    On the internet bullies I try to ignore but I have grown tired of conflict, having grown up with conflicts and violence…I do my best to try to be considerate.

  2. I try to use the same rules in real life as I do on the web. This answers a few of the questions. “Do unto others”…
    About the awards, we already have them. They are called badges and are on your profile. So I had to click no on that one.
    I had a problem with a user attacking another and I did report them. I think it is our responsibility to call attention to the moderators if something is wrong. Report if you have to. I did not know you could nominate for verified. Great thoughts and info here.

    • I find that there are many users here that use PM’s to abuse people now.

      I also, as you know go after people that attack other authors. It has earned me a lot of very nasty PM messages on Virily.

      I am growing tired of fighting.

  3. I like that Virily gives verified status to those users who are “qualified” for it. It certainly lifts the burden off the moderators, since those users always provide good posts.

    Thank you for always sharing the information about Virily. I am not so observant. Good to know more about the platform and the community. 🙂

  4. Q: It isn’t us against them (standard vs verified, or verified vs standard) right?
    Yes (8 votes) – 89%
    No (1 votes) – 11%
    Q: It is ok to report someone that attacks other authors personally, right?
    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%
    Q: Andre talked about starting awards for Virily, should we?
    Yes (7 votes) – 70%
    No (3 votes) – 30%
    Q: Do you help other users when they reach out to you?
    Yes (9 votes) – 90%
    No (1 votes) – 10%

  5. Writers need to be responsible whether on Virily or not. We write not just to earn but to document for the future.
    I don’t like to report people personally even if the attack me. I believe in reaching out with goodness. But that is a personal thing, however if people go against the rules of the site I will report them here and in other sites.
    I just got a mail from a site owner about how much he appreciates the attention I pay to his site.
    If I find the site is unfair I just move on.

  6. Doc, You Rock! I think responsibility is an important part of any person, group and community.

    Being in a community like Virily with various differences among its users, ethics, and manners are needed and must be upheld because if I don’t want to be offended then I shouldn’t offend other users as well.

    I think Virily will continue to change as we do, so hopefully, all changes will always benefit everyone, and all parties, based on our mutual care and responsibility.

  7. I try to always be an honest and kind user to all Virily members, dear friend … if any one doesn’t answer it I prefer to leave it alone … I haven’t been in the comments and I will never be offensive

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