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The Coffee Talk… – When It Comes to Ads…

I already posted about this in my earlier today’s article, The Coffee Talk… – How to Load the Pages That Won’t Load and Some Other Info…, but seems not many noticed that info so I will just repeat my observations, opinion and guesses here… 

There are things I wrote about in one of my previous posts, The Coffee Talk… – Just Some Thoughts, so when it comes to the missing Ads, now the Ad Blocker and the bottom of the Notifications page problem where the Ad Blocker problem was, which I wrote in one of my latest posts about, The Coffee Talk… – How to “Save” Drafts, Make Custom Polls, Some New Issues and Will the Edit Button Ever Be Returned…??? :/, my guess is that maybe there are some fixes of those things currently so that might be the reason for the missing Ads…

The Coffee Talk… – How to Load the Pages That Won't Load and Some Other Info…

The Coffee Talk… – How to "Save" Drafts, Make Custom Polls, Some New Issues and Will the Edit Button Ever Be Returned…??? :/

The Coffee Talk… – Just Some Thoughts

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  1. The thing about Ads is … google ads is quite strict, so sometimes its good to have “backups”.

    Anyway, I don’t know what to say about the missing Ads. Maybe Virily is trying out new things?

    • I don’t know… I don’t know if this is just something temporary while some fixes are on the way or something else… Of course, but as I said in my previous post, I will probably reduce my activity here as it really all started being very negative and frustrating so I am really getting to a point where I don’t care… Of course, I (and probably everyone else) would like to know and be informed about it in order to know whether to “waste” my (our) time here or not and that is how it definitely should be – to be informed…! 😐

    • I don’t know that too… I don’t know if fixes are on the way or it’s something else, but it would definitely be good to be informed about it if something has changed or changes…!!! 😐

      PS I am probably reducing my time here as I said in my previous post and I added some more info in there, if you are interested…

    • I actually haven’t noticed when they actually disappeared but I know first the large ones were missing and then the small ones and the AdBlocker disappeared too so it might be they are fixing that AdBlocker issue or something but, of course, we can’t be sure if not informed and I think we should be if something changes… I already said I will reduce my activity here but I would definitely like to know if we are wasting our time here or not, as I think that is something serious we should definitely be informed about…! Although, I have to say, I am not optimistic at all about it since we never get informed even about some more important things and often don’t even get answers for the missing payments, broken dashboards and similar…! :/ 😐
      Yes, we’ll see, although I have to say, since I already became quite fed up with it all I don’t even care much as I’m already reducing my presence here…

        • That is great, I am glad for you…! 🙂 Yes, I don’t know what is going on here generally, to me everything is weird here, and I have to say I actually don’t care about it anymore…
          Heheheh, thanks, you are very sweet… 🙂 It is really affecting me very negatively and I do have a lot of other obligations so I actually have to reduce my activity here… But I will see about posting, I will probably post something here and there… ;/)

        • Thanks… 🙂 I am still here just probably won’t be that/regularly active… Yes, hehehe…! 😉 It really became exhausting and overwhelming for me, quite stressful, even dealing with some people here became that…. It was fun and then turned into something really bad and with all these problems it’s just exhausting and not worth it…

  2. I have no idea and have not seen ads these days. I know I had an issue with another site. I could not post there and it took a very long time for them to fix my problem. Now they have fixed it and I can post but they also changed the site and I know longer know what is what.

    • I don’t know, it sounds like an interesting option although I am not sure that is the reason… There was an AdBlocker at the bottom of each page till recently and I suppose it was some kind of a bug, so my guess is that since it’s now removed it might me they are working on those things, fixing them to enable a normal presentation of Ads, but, of course, we can’t know anything for sure…
      There is a problem at the bottom of the Notifications page I described in one of my previous latest posts, where the black bottom covers the Read and Delete options for deleting notifications so I think it’s another bug due the AdBlocker removal…

      • I can “Mark Read” (I did it yesterday) So that could be a temporary problem. But yes, they are still sorting out things which seems to be a never ending process on this site… good for all of us perhaps!

        • The Read option is half-covered so it can be used but with a problem… Yes, I think it’s should be a temporary problem as well but since some other things that should have been fixed till now aren’t I am not sure what is going on… And yes, all that seems like a neverending process from the start!… Not sure how good it is for us…? :/

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