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The Coffee Talk… – What Is Going on With Virily…?!? :/

Sorry but I have to express my concern since there are no Ads anymore, there is less and less activity on the site and there is that partially strange situation on the Dashboard…!

In one of my recent posts, The Coffee Talk… – When It Comes to Ads…, I wrote about the possible answer to the missing Ads but now that the Ads are still not there I am becoming a little worried…! My thought was that if no one is informing us I guess everything is fine but since the situation is still the same I’m becoming really worried so I decided to write to the Admins about this… I wrote them a couple of e-mails saying we are all worried, asked about our current and future payments therefore if there is actually any sense in our current activity here and if our efforts will pay off at all, I also asked about the 4 days sum (the end of the month sum) that is not updating into the This and Last Month’s sum, and that we should be informed about this as I think we are entitled to be when it comes to such things, but there was no answer!…

I am also noticing there is not much activity lately, it looks like it’s less and less… Even the posts that are in the Most Commented are not receiving much more attention so it seems like most people are actually visiting posts by browsing the Latest and other pages where the loading page problem appears again disabling us to browse more than 2 pages…

Also, we are used that the Dashboard isn’t always showing all the numbers and currently the sum for the Last Month is there but it is also not written under the Unpaid where it should be (added) too (the Unpaid is the sum we earned in all the previous unpaid months and what we get as our payment at the end of the current month) which is in this situation kinda worrying too…

Admins are not answering and I’m just wondering if there is any sense in being active and collecting Virils since I’m also worried about our payments!… 

The Coffee Talk… – When It Comes to Ads…

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    Are you worried the Ads are still not there…?

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    Are you worried about this month’s payment (the payment for the previous months)…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
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    Are you worried about the next month’s payment (the payment for this month’s earnings)…?

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    Do you think we should be informed about the current situation…?

    • Definitely!!!
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    Are you wondering if there is any sense in being active currently…?

    • Yes
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    • That is ok and normal but this is about something else… – there are NO Ads, they are Removed, and with no Ads the site can’t earn, therefore, neither can we!
      When it comes to earning more Virils you have to be more active… – to open and comment more posts – that brings you Virils, then you will get more of those on your posts too.
      I don’t know that too, unfortunately they never say why and I heard that is happening often lately and I don’t know why since I was said those were normal posts as well, but maybe there was something that is not allowed…? :/

  1. When posts have not been approved for five days at a stretch there is bound to be less activity. I am just tired of saying this, my motivation goes down as these inconsistencies continue.

  2. I must say I have not been active as we have been on the move. Recently, the place we rented are due to be mown down into apartments, and there were 15 units.
    Fortunately for us, we have now a better place than what we did before although were we were I will sadly miss my previous neighbours very much.

  3. I keep being active and hopeful. I have enough financial problems without walking away from a situation the might resolve itself. I do remember one amusing story. I site I was writing for changed in a funny way and then said they changed their name and address. Then they did it one more time and finally went under with bubbles still coming you for a while. No other warnings just name changes address changes and then like the Titanic hit an iceberg and went down

    • Yes, I thought so too… People don’t know what to think and how to act since no one is informing us about anything here…!!! :|( It’s also weird the Viril value has risen while the ads are missing, it’s not logical…!!! :/ 😐

    • I’m Worried too I joined 2017 but NOT active here I’m Not posting articles.

      I’m just Started to be active posting these year January 2020

      I regret Missed the opportunity to earn more here ! unlike you guys who post and post often,daily

      Hope viril will not be scam sooner because the Ads already Missing

      • Oh, I understand and I know what you mean…! I am sorry for that too… It’s really a shame you weren’t posting but you never know… – the Value of a Viril is rising which is great while there are no Ads which is a very strange and illogical situation so I just hope there is no (real) need to worry but we can’t know that unless informed or just wait and see… >:|||||

        • Before when I’m Not active what I do as a 2 year old member here is ONLY visiting virily daily and Viewing reading, and commenting

          Yeah hope virily editor would post a Explanation in your concern or others concerns about the missing ads.

          • I know…, I noticed that you were commenting just here and there…, I didn’t know if you were reading but that is also good to know you were, and I didn’t quite understand why weren’t you posting… I am always sorry when people are interacting while almost never or just rarely posting…

            Yes, that would be great or at least to be informed if there is any sense in being active currently but I doubt they will do that as they are never informing us about anything here!!!….. >:/||||

    • Thank you Lacho… Yes, that is what and how I think too…!!!!! I’m just hoping it’s not bad news and that they might be doing something about it and working on it hence still not informing us anything but since we are never informed about anything I’m wondering if they would even inform us about these things as well… (?!?) :/

    • I am not that patient but yes, I completely agree with you… That is what I’m wondering too and we can only assume if they are working on something or not, therefore the lack of Ads, but we can’t know anything if not informed properly, and since it’s kinda becoming really worrying now I think we should know if we won’t be able to be paid for this month’s efforts…!

      • If Google Adsense blocked Virily account for some reasons, there will be not highly paying adds anymore. Virily can apply for some other ads providers but there is not any equal to Google Adsense. If there is internal problem, then it is easy to correct and it not requires much time. I am curious what is going on here.

        • I don’t know which Ads Virily used… I only heard the ones that were appearing were Amazon Ads and I don’t know what that means… – were they from Google Adsense or Amazon directly (I don’t know how it works)… :/ There was that AdBlocker at the bottom which was on their side and now it’s gone with the Ads too… I am curious too as there is also that loading page problem (not sure if it’s put that way intentionally or it is a bug…?! :/), and the edit button is removed even for the drafts for a very long time already while the previous time when there were such problems with it it was fixed (returned) in just 2-3 days! So all that together kinda signals there might be a problem which we don’t know anything of!…

          (I also know some problems (bugs) are not fixed for years (they are still not fixed while some new ones appeared after the new design was implemented – and it happens with each design change…! 😐 ) so I really don’t understand why for some things it takes only 2-3 days while for some it takes much more time or they never get solved and why constantly some new bugs are appearing… :/ :|()

          • Anyway, whatever it is, if there is a problem and we won’t be able to be paid we should know about that and not waste our time and effortes here which are not small at all………! :/|

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