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The Coffee Talk…: What Are Your Current Thoughts About Virily…….?


Recently some very bad things happened to me here and I wanted to leave… I was 100% sure I will leave and I still don’t have almost any will to use the site but I decided to give myself some time to think and try to see if there is anything that would make me stay here…

There are many things that are bothering me here……..

So I was just wondering………

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  • ………what are your current thoughts about the site currently…..?

    • Many things bother me
    • Some things bother me
    • Nothing bothers me
    • I’ll write in the comments


What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • There were the design changes and some other changes came with them too as well as new glitches!… The Viril value is lower and lower, the daily limits reduced and now this thing with the Virils Counter… Not to say that I was Already Very Fed Up with so many things here, and not to mention the very bad things that happened to me here recently which is why i wanted to leave the site then!… I decided to try to stay and started noticing all these things with Virils and some other new ones now…
      I completely lost my confidence in them…!

      Yes………, I heard it’s like that with many users too, many are complaining they are waiting for days for the posts to be approved and I really don’t know what and why are they doing such things…….!!!

    • That is great and good for you you’ve gotten over it, I am still not over some things that happened to me because it unfortunately looks like a permanent state here…! 😐 That is great you found the pictures and you can edit those posts in which they are missing by adding them again…

  1. Sounds like you think the site is abusing the users?
    It’ll be good if you can really list them out and perhaps something could be done …

    But of course if it’s causing too much unhappiness then perhaps its good to take a break

    • I’m not saying they are abusing them, but the behavior we are all frustrated about, and there is actually a pattern in some things done unprofessionally and not quite fair…

      Yes, it really made me not want to use the site so now I’m thinking and trying…

      • Hmm … … unfortunately, somethings we really can’t do much about it …
        there are some form of “bullying” everywhere … 😐
        maybe you can take the time to do some of your craft/art…
        and then come back and show us later 😀

        • Yes…, that is what I was trying to point out but I think admins didn’t react the way they should and instead punished me again for my reactions on such things. I kinda don’t understand anything anymore cause it seems like there are not quite clear standards – double standards, no one answering about anything when asked about it and many other things and only raising the frustration…! I can’t even name all the situations where you see no one listens nor understands anything while some other users are going fine and bahaving like they are “running the site” just because they are louder and reporting everything while I’m not such a person…!
          I should really do my art and craft and unfortunately, I was neglecting it because of Virily… I was spending a lot of my time here, and doing much and writing about the site, while now I’m like “I don’t even care anymore”………
          I will see… I’m like trying to see and do how and how much I feel…
          Thanks much, glad you understand me……….!!!

        • Thanks… That is certainly true…! I liked Virily for its creativity and was using it for (showing) my art and inspiration too but now I will see if I could manage to “recover” that experience here… Currently it’s pretty much covered with all the negativity that happened and happens here………! 😐

  2. Virily is a good place to explore and gain new ideas. Though, personally, I prefer to have a look around my offline world and probably give more time on things that are within reach. We can try out new things but it doesn’t mean we have to leave. We can post and interact whenever we feel like doing.

    • I agree, it has many issues and recently it became over the top!… Especially that after that some bad things happened to me here due to some conflicts and actually it just made me see things are actually worse than I thought they were……… When you see how admins think it’s not weird at all this site is like this………!!!
      I didn’t know it wasn’t easy but thanks, it’s good to know!… 🙂

    • Yes, that is the best way to do it, except sometimes they won’t leave you alone in some other ways, hehehe……! ;D The problem is actually admins’ behavior on such and so many other issues which made me want to leave the site not quite those users… I am not satisfied how they act about such things as it looks there are double standards sometimes, not quite clear rules and generally how this site is run is something I don’t like at all – how they act towards users and their issues………
      Great… I was happy until those users started bothering me so I couldn’t enjoy my time here as I wanted because it looked like everyone was judging…….
      PS Thanks for visiting, I am sorry if my reaction in your post was inappropriate or a misunderstanding………

      • My method works well for me without trying to decipher where, when, who and what create those situations. You should move on too. You are an involved/contributig user here and so you need to use discretion so that you too can move on just like me.

        • Yes, but the problem is it became not worth it anymore after the way I was treated and the way admins behave… If that is how they behave and it is, we are taking such behavior for years now here, then I will not expose myself to the possibility to be treated that way ever again, as I was taking a lot and it came over the top………! Situations with double standards and similar, not even knowing how to behave anymore while no one is answering us about anything as well as that here became unacceptable and intolerable because it affected me pretty much, but thanks for the advice… 🙂

  3. I try not to pay attention to what bothers. We need to understand that it’s a community of different people. We have not only different worldviews, but also different cultures, religions, and it’s not easy to get along with everyone here. Try to enjoy good things and don’t pay attention to bad ones.

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