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The Coffee Talk… – the "Mystery" of the Edit Button…

Some time ago I published a post and forgot to finish the title in it and some of the poll answers were missing so I wrote to the Editor if he could edit it… I didn’t get the reply so I wrote another post, The Coffee Talk… – Some Current Virily Issues + Trying to Make a Custom Poll,  where I made a reference to that previous post, The Coffee Talk –, correcting that mistake and trying to make the custom poll I tried making in that other post correctly… The poll didn’t quite work since even some questions didn’t appear while making it so the custom answers couldn’t be added too, but the reference to that other post was important since the custom poll in it turned out pretty good as most of the custom answers appeared, and there is also a continuity in those posts…

Yesterday while answering notifications I tried to answer one comment which was made in that other post, The Coffee Talk –, but the page was constantly loading as something like “you can’t answer that comment”. I thought it was some kind of a bug since I could previously answer all the comments so I went to open that post again and then I noticed the name of the post in the browser was something completely weird when I noticed the post was actually put in the Drafts!…

I was shocked because I didn’t want that post in the Drafts, I wanted it to be edited and left in the same place where it was – not “re-published” after editing, and was wondering why it would be in the Drafts when we can’t edit our Drafts… Did the Editor think I don’t want it published, or the Edit button will soon become available so he thought I could edit it myself, or the Editor couldn’t edit it so he put it back in the Drafts as an “unfinished post”, or he actually didn’t understand what I actually asked from him (which, I have to say, happens often!…)…..?!? I can’t know that since the Editor is not answering…

Yesterday I wrote him about this and explained the situation but I see my post is still in the Drafts. Today I wrote him again and tried to explain the situation better (in case he didn’t understand me well) so now I’m waiting to see what will happen…! I explained I want that post published and in the place where it previously was because there is a logical order in them, and which title I want if he is able to edit it and if he is not I don’t mind the post published as it already is since I already wrote another post after that one where I referred to that post.

It also made me wondering if Admins are actually aware the Edit button is actually missing………?!

I have some things to post about while the Edit button is missing and then I really hope it will be available again since I also have several more posts I would like to publish there and then hopefully I could transfer to posting some other things…

The Coffee Talk… – Some Current Virily Issues + Trying to Make a Custom Poll

The Coffee Talk… – Trying to Make a Poll

The Coffee Talk… – the Edit Button and the Virils Counter

No Edit Button on Posts and Drafts and No Saving Drafts?????????!

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    Do you mind the Edit button is still not there…?

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    What do you think why my post is put back in the Drafts…?

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    Do you think there is a possibility the Admins are not actually aware it’s missing…?

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    • I hope they know, and I certainly don’t understand that too!!! Yes, I agree with that too…!

      BTW, I’m now again not receiving points for views, seems I already reached the limit and it happened much earlier today so the Virils I should have received for so many later views are literally swallowed now…!!!!!!!!!! 😐 I will have to put less links in my future posts because I reach the limit very fast but I think that is also not the solution nor I think it’s fair that the limit is only 100 because there are people who for example open all our posts – or actually 100 of them so the other Virils we normally receive for other views are not even counted then…!!! >:|||

        • Neither do I, especially that no one informed us about any of those things, nor the FAQ’s are updated…!!! 😐 I think it’s because of the Viril value so they reduced the limits but it’s not fair with the Virils for received views! Sometimes someone opens all our posts and then we don’t receive Virils for all the other visits that day nor we can know who opened them and how many views we actually got…! Another problem is if the same person opens that same post the next day we Again don’t receive Virils for it while that is not the situation when we are opening other people’s posts…!

          I am preparing to write about this…..!!!!! >:||

    • Yes, and now there is Another problem of not receiving more than 100 paid views…!!! So now I’m not getting any except for comments because it seems I already got 100 of them much earlier today, so why all these visits if we are not getting paid for them…?!

      They implemented all the visual changes within 2-3 days!!! While fixes for some issues were never done for years!!! So I don’t believe that is the problem at all………!

  1. One thing I still don’t understand is why they never adress anything. Obviously, many people put up with the issues and continue using the site anyway, but at least if they say “ok, we know about the problem, it may take a while to fix it, thanks for your patience”, it would be nicer. I don’t think it’s that hard.

    • Yes Ellie, that is what I’m pi**ed about too, and I’m even More pi**ed because I am now not receiving Virils for views again!!! I already reached around 100 paid views because people are opening my other old posts – not just the ones on the links above and now I’m not receiving Virils for any of the views after that and the info about that is Anywhere on the site! >:|||

    • And there is even MORE than that………!!! – when you are opening posts and you reach the limit tomorrow you will get points for the posts you opened but didn’t get Virils for because of the limit, but that is NOT the situation with views of your own articles…! If a person opened your post today and you didn’t get Virils for it because of the limit you won’t get them tomorrow Either if that same person opens it again…!!! >:E

  2. Just to add that my post is edited now and it’s called “The Coffee Talk – Current Virily Issues” although I might ask to change the title a little bit again…

    Also, I’m currently not receiving any more Virils for views which I already wrote about in my previous posts and will write about again later…!!!

    • Yes, when I sent them a message I asked a question in the Subject if they can edit it but in the text I only wrote the title is unfinished and that some answers are missing. I usually write what title I want but since I wasn’t sure will they be able to edit it now I just asked so instead of answering me they put it in the Drafts when I already published another post about it so it was late and it wasn’t needed so I was confused and didn’t quite understand.
      Now I sent them another message explaining everything and thankfully they edited the title and put it back where it was now! 🙂 Before they were editing my posts the same way but this time I didn’t say what title I want because I was waiting for the answer.

    • If they edited your post on your request why don’t you ask them to edit the title and the url of that post which opens instead of mine?!? When they edited my post’s title yesterday the url of that post changed but the old link still opens the new edited link so why don’t you ask them that??? I can’t open my post because of that and I already asked them but they are not replying nor editing it…! Maybe they won’t do it without your “permission” so I don’t understand why are you avoiding to answer and help me with this…?!!

        • I told you to ask them to change the URL of YOUR post according to the title you put in it – the title you edited, so then I will be able to open MY post! Why would I ask you to edit the title when you already did that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The url will change when THEY edit it, like I said to you like 5 times…! And I explained it here TOO – if youread what I wrote…! I said that when they edited the title of my post yesterday the url changed TOO! But the old url is still opening the same post no matter of the edited url so it won’t hurt your post!!!

        • Illeana!!!! My post’s name is “Thank you virily!” I can’t change the name of that post because I don’t even know nor can’t see what is in that post! And the name of my post is the SAME as its URL ! The easiest and the most logical way is that since you ALREADY CHANGED THE TITLE OF YOUR POST to change its URL too, why is that such a problem for you?????????!!

    • Oh yes, you are right, I forgot about that…!!! :/ 🙂 But I wasn’t actually sure if they are even reading posts anymore because it looked like they aren’t and a user said that too…
      Yes, they write them themselves but I think it’s different when they write it, they are able to edit them differently, without the button…

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