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The Coffee Talk… – the (Embedded Links) Misinformation and Misinterpretations…

I see there are some misinformation and misinterpretations of some of the things that are said about embedded posts so here I will just share AGAIN my previous post, The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limit for Received Paid Views Reduced Too……?, where I partially explained that theme until I write another more thorough one on that theme…

I also see my words are often misinterpreted and I also get “attacked” or commented in a certain way due to those misinterpretations sometimes so I think that people who want to say something should previously read what I write Carefully and Inform themselves by, for example, reading a post I wrote on this (or any other) theme before making any conclusions about that or any other themes…

I also get misinterpreted due to writing many comments as answers on the things that have been said to me, so if I see someone misinterpreted me or possibly “attacked” me due to the same reason I will certainly try to explain what I meant while it’s often hard to explain some things and I often don’t get understood in that too…


The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limit for Received Paid Views Reduced Too……?

The Coffee Talk… – Just Some Thoughts

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    Do you understand the effect of the NEW Daily Limit on Received Paid Views now…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you understand the effect of the NEW Daily Limit on too many embedded links of the same author now…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you think there is a possibility that the New Daily Limit was put due to the automatic opening of embedded links?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you think there is a possibility it was put that way until the embedded links “issue” gets fixed…?

    • Yes
    • No


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    • That is not a problem, the problem is I was misunderstood and judged based on those misinterpretations so I felt the need to write this post to make it clear! There were some wrong conclusions and even a post about it while I actually didn’t claim anything of the things they said – the way they interpreted me, and now I learn some of them actually judge even by the title not even reading a post (nor probably the comments properly)…!!! 😐

      • However, it is true that these compilers are sometimes really weird …. sometimes they translate so much that it’s nowhere …. good to check sometimes what he translated …. sometimes translates so I would probably go crazy when I see such a comment …. there are many of us here who do not speak fluent English and use a Google translator … it’s a disaster

      • I mean for rewards (giving from company side), if it goes down, it hardly comes back up!
        But for cuts/fines (company taking) then it’ll always goes up!!

        LOL, just saying it’s unlikely that the limits are gonna go back up! :p

        • That’s ok but I was confused because this post is not about that but people who were interpreting my words on that theme in the wrong way writing some comments and a post based on their wrong interpretations – thinking I had something against embedded links which I’m putting myself too.

          There was a time when the Viril value went up if that is what you meant since I think that is the reason for reducing the limits… But if you are talking about the limits themselves, you think their fines are going up…? I thought only the income is lower so therefore the limits…

          • Yeah I understand that, it’s about the misunderstanding.
            I think misunderstanding just happens, even Carol was misunderstood at one point.
            I’m just saying about the daily limits, that it goes down then I don’t see it coming up. The fines part does not apply here :p It’s more of other things in my life LOL

        • Yes, the problem here actually is that there are posts based on -the titles- of my posts while what is written in them is not read, yet I am judged…! I am also called out for writing “negative” posts and some other things based -only- on the titles of my posts… (can you imagine that???! ahahah!)

          Ok. I don’t know if they will go up since they are probably reduced due to the low Viril value (I think! :/)
          The fines – ” But for cuts/fines (company taking) then it’ll always goes up!!” – I meant this…

    • I was just seeing some people commenting and even writing a post on something that could be referred to what I was commenting on this issue (of course, I am not the only one who wrote or commented about it…) but I see they either didn’t actually read my post about this (as I know some judge even by the title!… :|) or they didn’t understand my comments nor my post about it, so just wanted to make it clear!… Thanks!!! 🙂

    • I wrote this post because I see some people interpreted me in the wrong way about the things I said and commented about embedded links so I hope now they will understand… When it comes to the other things – the limits, I am not criticizing that either and, of course, we can’t know the reasons, we can only guess, so I’m just presenting some ideas I had about it, but it was also important to know what I meant about embedded links when it comes to the limit…

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