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The Coffee Talk… – the Dashboard Updated (But Something Is Maybe Missing…? :/) + the Viril Value

I am glad the Dashboard updated, the payments are made and that the Viril value seems to slowly go up. We can see that the value from the previous month is higher than from the month before and that the value from Yesterday and the Last 7 days is almost 1000:1 which is great, so now I’m wondering:

– if the Limits will now also go up, and I am also wondering about one other thing…

– the previous month the Dashboard updated for December on 27th January while all the other numbers were Zero so the Dashboard didn’t continue to update each day till the end of the month so the number that is written for December stayed the same one that was updated on that day which means the days from 27th to 31st January weren’t updated – weren’t added to the December earnings then nor are now… So now I’m wondering if those earnings were actually added to the January earnings or weren’t added at all… Do you know anything about this…?

I already wrote about the Virils Counter not updating properly so I’m writing down all the numbers so when I manage to check and compare them I will let you know.


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    Have you noticied this too?

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    Do you know anything about this…?

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    Are the missing earnings added to January earnings..?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    • I don’t know
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    Should we be informed about this and similar things..?

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    Wouldn’t it be much easier if we were informed about such important and less important things…?

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    • Yes, indeed…! 😀
      Yes, that is how it would be logical… I was noticing that before too but I think that the sum that was updated at that time was later updated with the new (“missing”) sum which was calculated on the last day of the month (if it was updated on the 27th, for example, I think it was updated on the 31st or 1st with the full sum but I am not sure)…

  1. Dashboard updated, we got the payout, Virily’s value goes up …. great I don’t have any comments … you know full well I don’t go into detail … as far as they give me I’m happy …. but I agree that you should inform us just don’t expect this from virily

    • Yes, I completely agree…!!! With no communication only conflicts arise because every member has its own opinion on things… I think they are, I am just wondering about that sum that wasn’t fully updated by the end of December if that was tranfered to January or not… Hehheeh, that is great, glad and good for you, mine is too…! ;D

    • That’s ok, you are new here so you probably still haven’t learned how it all works…
      We earn in points – Virils so the amount you see going up is based on the number of points you earn.

      This post is about the Dashboard which updates with our monthly earnings at the end of each month. The points I mentioned have value in $ and that value fluctuates… It was very low and increasingly going down till now and now that the Dashboard updated we can see it thankfully started going up again!
      Also, I proposed a question when it comes to the previous month’s earnings – December earnings which weren’t updated in full (earnings for the last 4 day of that month weren’t added to that sum so i asked if they were added – tranfered into the next month – January)…

  2. I was very pleasantly surprised today in my email to get a Virily payment, It always comes as a nice surprise especially when the dashboard numbers are not updated all the time I don’t know how much I have really earned but always nice to be paid and appreciated

    • Hehehe, yes, I was too…! 😀 Yes, I agree and it’s great that we now actually see an increase in the Viril value… I am just wondering about that 4-days-missing-sum, was it added to January earnings but I guess we will never know unless we check – calculate it ourselves… ;/|)

  3. Although the December dashboard wasn’t updated on December, I have noticed it has been listed in the list of dollars earned and cashed out. So, they didn’t add to January, it’s on its own month.
    At least they pay but again the frustrations will still be felt on this site.

    • No, you didn’t understand… It was not added in December but it was added in January and paid now, but the problem is what was added were the earnings only till the 27th of December while the earnings from 27th till the 31st December weren’t added to that sum – updated… – the sum that is in the Balance and that was paid is the sum of the earnings made only till the 27th of December!
      So actually I was wondering and asked about the sum earned in those 4 days (from 27th till 31st Dec) – where did that go – was it added to January earnings or it wasn’t added at all?!?…

      I agree, that is a good thing but all the other frustrations started really affecting me in a very negative way so I will probably reduce my presence, activity and engagement here! The crucial problem is Communication or better say no-communication! At least they could answer the most important things and inform us about issues by saying “we are working on it” or similar, but if such things not answered nor solved then what to think…

    • Actually, someone accidentally managed to make a new profile so it seems there is a bug there too…! 😀 ;/)) I mentioned it in one of my previous posts, not sure if you read it…?
      Yes, I hope that too but I learned from some users who commented in my previous post it’s because of this page loading issue so many are not able to access all posts while I actually published 3 posts about it so everyone would be able to see it and learn about the solution for that issue but seems I will have to publish about it again…! :/ 😐 (PS If you have that problem too you can find the solution in those posts I published, I explained everything there, how to load the unloadable pages)

      Thanks for commenting and visiting! 🙂

    • I hope they are not lost too, but it would be good to be informed about it and such things since that info is anywhere nor can be concluded if not calculated and checked ourselves…
      I think they should be higher as they used to be when the Viril value was like this, at least the one for Received Paid Views since that one was unlimited before, it would be logical, at least if this value becomes consistent… I guess it takes some time for that…
      I am actually wondering if that Limit was implemented due to the embedded links “bug” (if it’s a bug at all… :/) but there is a huge difference between unlimited and 100 Paid Views…

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