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The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limit for Received Paid Views Reduced Too……?

Recently I posted about not receiving Virils for all the Views of my Posts… At that time I was putting a lot of Links in my Posts and was surprised how much people were opening them so I tended to put all the relevant and related links in them because I thought people were opening them due to the missed information… So what was happening was that I would be receiving Virils for some time and then stop receiving them… I was worried if it was a block or something but then I would again start receiving them after Midnight…!

So I decided to count all the View Virils I was receiving at that time for Views of my Posts and the number was always around 100 Views depending on whether they were Polls (5 Virils) or “plain” Posts (3 Virils) which made me conclude there is a Daily Limit for Received Paid Views now too…! I was shocked because there wasn’t a Limit for that (nor for received comments) before at all…

Before that I haven’t noticed there was a Limit even though people were opening a lot of my Posts and Links in them so I thought this was something new but a user told me she thinks it was like that since the New Year which I’m not sure of…

Now, I thought that wasn’t fair and wrote to the Admins about it because there is another side of it which I also checked when I noticed this!…:

When we are opening other people’s Posts and reach the Daily Limit for that (which is 100 Posts too) and continue opening their Posts after we already reached that Limit we won’t get Virils for opening those Posts, but if we open them the next day we will get Virils for them. Here, that is NOT the situation………!!! Meaning… – if someone opens your Post when you already reached the Daily Limit for Received Paid Views you won’t get Virils for it but if that same person opens that same Post the next day you AGAIN WON’T RECEIVE Virils for it, which means if a person opens your Posts when you already exceeded your Daily Limit for Received Paid Views the Virils you should have received for those Views of those Posts at that time will be literally swallowed and you won’t be able to get them again, at least not that soon…!

Also, there is a couple of other things…!

I am not sure which the Daily Limit for the number of Posts is but I heard it’s something like 8 or 6 Posts in a day!

Also, recently I learned from another user that Embedded Posts are actually opening Automatically, which means if you open a Post with Embedded Links in them the system will count like you opened those Embedded Links too even though you actually didn’t and BOTH You and the Author of the Posts on the Embedded Links will get Virils for them (for Viewing and for View).

So why are we even able to post that many Posts or to put Embedded Links in our Posts in the first place if we won’t get Virils for (all of) them if a lot of people open them…?!?!

This can be solved by:

– posting less Posts in a day (3-6),

– putting less Embedded Links in your Posts (3-5 – if posting only 1 Post in a day!),

– looking at the time you are publishing your Posts at so the time of your Post would be divided into the time before Midnight and the time after Midnight (if there are a lot of Links in your Post)

– and looking at the activity that day so if the activity is not that high you can post more Posts or put more Embedded Links in your Posts.

But what I think is that this should actually be fixed and/or solved differently…!

The Coffee Talk… – Checking Some Things

No View Virils for My Newest Post!!!

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    Should Embedded Links open and Virils received automatically or manually…?

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    Maybe this is the reason Posts are not approved that often…?

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    • Yes, probably because you post only 1 post a day, but for the ones who post more or put embedded links in their posts it’s risky not to exceed the limit if many people are opening their posts… I haven’t noticed this before but started noticing when I started putting embedded links in my posts. I was surprised because there was no limit for that before At All……….! It could be because the Viril value is low but it was low before too and the limits were not reduced then… :/ :|||

    • Yes, could be……… :/ Not sure why since this will only discourage users, they will reduce the number of posts and all the other activity with all the other limits as well, and doesn’t the activity raise the earnings………?! :/ 😐
      Hmmmm, I’m not sure I understand how…? :/ They get several posts approved in a day instead of each every day after waiting for days for the approval as I now read, so they risk not getting all the received View Virils this way too.

  1. Honestly I don’t worry about all this. I would just be happy of my posts were approved each day. Its such a pain when you have all your post approved at once after three days.
    There is so much analysis and talk about virily that is gets a bit too much for me.

    • I know, it’s too much to write too, and especially too much to handle since there are more and more issues every day…
      When you have many posts approved in a day there is a possibility you won’t get Virils for all the views you get on them, that wasn’t the situation before therefore this article.
      I agree it would be better if they would be approved more often especially because of this new limit. I am not sure why are they doing it that way especially because of the limit too then…!

      Btw, I see you are putting embedded links in your posts too and when so many of your such posts are approved there is a high possibility you will experience this issue too. :/|

    • Not just that but you also won’t get all the Virils for all the Views of your posts if you post too much and people are opening your posts a lot… You can easily notice that if you notice you are no receiving Virils for Views of your posts anymore and count them then…, there should be around 100 of them if you reached the limit… Thanks!

    • I thought you didn’t know since I remember you once said you weren’t receiving Virils for all your opened posts but you probably figured it out in the meantime… I never noticed that before since I wasn’t receiving that many Views so now it was pretty shocking… I’m just not sure when was this implemented since I think I was receiving Virils for all the views at first or at least didn’t notice it differently… I agree it’s all pretty overwhelming but I do try to arrange how much I post in order not to lose those Virils when posting too much.

    • I know you don’t reach it when you are viewing them (although now if you are opening a lot of those spotlighting posts you might) but this is actually about the limit for the Views of Our posts – when other people are opening our posts… – there is a limit now for that too… There wasn’t a limit for that before and seems there now is!
      I agree there shouldn’t be limits or that at least they one should be higher but I understand the need for their reduction… :/ 😐

    • I think having a limit is reasonable and the necessity due to the low Viril value and generally earnings of the site, but there was never a limit for the views and comments we receive (I don’t know if there is for comments too, I haven’t noticed nor checked that) so I think this is very low… If it’s that low then I think these other things should be put and solved differently otherwise I don’t understand it…! :/

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