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The Coffee Talk… – the Current/"New" Situation on Virily

One of the things I also meant in my previous post The Coffee Talk…: What Are Your Current Thoughts About Virily…….? was the current Virily situation when it comes to the site generally and it’s functionality, earnings and similar… 

I must admit I am currently not interested in writing about Virily as I was giving myself a lot in it lately which was very exhausting for me and which I wrote about in my recent post, The Coffee Talk…, and especially now after some things I wrote about in The Coffee Talk…: What Are Your Current Thoughts About Virily…….? happened I really don’t have almost any will to post about anything on this site nor I care much about it…

And now with the Viril value being lower and lower and reduced limits it really starts looking not worth it anymore…

Btw, the daily limit for commenting seems to definitely be 30 now…

The Coffee Talk…: What Are Your Current Thoughts About Virily…….?

The Daily Limits (Definitely) Changed…

The Other Daily Limits Changed Too………….? :/

No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!

About My Edited Posts and People Who Write Negatively About Me…!

The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…!

A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Yes, it was 50 but now it’s 30, and the one for viewing posts is reduced from 200 to 100 too… Hahahahah!!!….. 😀 Yes, I guess you are right…, when you don’t comment that much you can’t notice… 🙂 For me it was important because I was using all the limits to earn as much as I could but now it’s not that possible with it… :/

      • Well, I turned over a new leaf this year 2020. I enjoy the publishing platform at this site. It is not only easy to publish but it’s visually appealing. I have a lot of content (since I’ve been writing for a long time) and Virily is turning out to be the best site for me to share my content. So this year I am publishing more posts and … ?? Loving it! LOL.

        • That is great, I am glad you love it and good for you!… 🙂 I loved it too but I had some very bad experiences here recently so I wanted to leave 100% (I wrote about it in my previous post and its comments) so now, since I am very affected by it all, I am trying to see if I can somehow recover my enthusiasm about the site and stay since many things bother me but there are also the ones I like(d) here so… :/ 😉

          I agree it is now visually appealing but I mind some new bugs and glitches appeared with it as well as some old bugs were never and still are not fixed, it would be great if the admins cared more about that than the visual stuff… Even though I think the visual part is probably also important when it comes to attracting visitors and similar…

          I am also glad you will now be posting more often so I could visit you more… 😉 I am very surprised you find this platform the best for you to share your content since I know you were writing on many other sites… I also found another platform which could be very good but I still haven’t tried it so I can’t confirm, but at least it looks more professional than this one, and I heard it has much more users which I also can’t confirm until I check it myself.
          Can you share on which other sites do you write too if there are any…? I heard Hubpages are also good but hard to earn… :/|

    • Hahahahah, so why is that your “reality”………?! :/ 🙂 I am trying to recover my enthusiasm about it after some very bad things that recently happened to me here (I partially wrote about it in my previous posts and its comments)… 😐
      PS I found one other possible site I heard from another user about and I also wanted to ask you are you still earning on Quora and how things are going there…? Also, do you use any other earning sites besides these two…? Hehehe… 🙂 Thanks!

      • Reality of that I have done so much already, so why stop now because its an easy way to get paid sharing content about what I love. I’ll drop in to read your post.

        I’m still on Quora, but haven’t been motivated to post any questions since my last payout. My motivation comes on rare occasions, but when I do its back-to-back. I’ll probably share a question about the cars I’m looking at to see what is others thoughts.

        • Oh, that one, ok, I understand… But now the reality is the Viril value is low, limits reduced, so not sure how much we would be able to earn here from now on……… :/|

          It is good you can post there and you have an inspiration for that, I noticed the page you sent me is not available anymore so maybe send me another one…? How long it takes for you to earn there…? How many times did you cash out…? How many questions one has to ask for that…? 😀

          • Depending on my activity it can take 2 or 3 months. So far I believe I have gotten 2 payouts. Should be near my 3rd next month if I pick up my activity before January ends. Depends in the quality of the question on how many views. It has to be something that many can relate too.

    • Hello, welcome… That is nice and probably the main reason why we all came here… This is an earning site but one can’t earn much here, especially now when the Viril (point) value is lower and limits reduced so it probably takes a lot of effort to earn the minimum here… It’s good that you are still happy with the site, there are also some other problems on the site and hopefully you won’t experience some…
      Thanks! 🙂

  1. If members leave it will hurt the site, and it could close, so I suggest for us all to hang in together. For better or worse I will stay. It would be hard to stay in touch with our friends if it closes down. I say never give up!

  2. To be honest, I am not able to spend the time I would like on Virily but my time is divided. You would think that I have more time being retired, but I am now a full time carer for my husband.

    I have always known that the rewards are not great and you have to work harder to gain. I am happy to put forward my photos and writing of the life I know and to read other peoples posts. I hope that I will be able to learn from everyone here and go forward.

    My computer skills on technology is not great. I know I have a lot to learn and I am keen to go forward to the extent that I am able.

    Thanks for the knowledge you share and here is a note that I really value and appreciate your input.

    • Very nice of you Pamela being that honest…

      You don’t have to worry about that, we all have obligations, and I understand what you say…

      Yes, I agree, the creativity part here is probably the most important and that is what inspires me. 🙂 I also enjoy other people’s posts. Although, rewards do inspire me too, hehehe…..! 😉

      Yes, I noticed that your computer skills are not that great but it’s very good you are keen to go forward and learn!…

      Thank you so much for that, I am very glad and humbled to hear that, it means a lot! 🙂

      • Thanks for acknowledging me Tasartcraft and I do all I can to improve it is the wonderful part of Virily.
        I used to belong to a group many years ago called, “Lasting Impressions” which was a creative writing group. I am sad it is no longer around but this group’s understanding and guidance helped me a lot when I began using computers for the very first time …

  3. I missed your earlier posts and did not see your pieces relating to limits on Virily. If the posting limit is 100, I would have no problem with that – it would be amazing if i ever got even remotely close to that!

    • Oh, I am sorry you missed them, I got a lot of views there so I thought almost all people saw them but now when I put these links I see how many actually missed them so it seems it’s a great way to inform people and bring the audience as well… 🙂
      No…, not posting……… – OPENING posts!… It was 200 before so it was a great way to earn the minimum, and now with reduced limits and low Viril value it seems like impossible……… :/ 😐

      • OK – I take your point. I thought I had seen earlier discussions relating to limits on post creation but without ever giving a figure.

        However, even if there are such limits, these are surely only on earning Virils from reading and commenting. There is nothing to stop you interacting as much as you like.

        • OK. I don’t know, was that in my posts or of other members…? I was giving figures when I knew them…

          Of course…! But the problem is I was already and am spending a lot of my time here, mostly to earn as much as possible (which was low then too) so now it would really be a huge waiste of time……… :/|

    • Hey tzwrites, so good to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Yes, I know and I agree with you………..!!!!!!!!!! For me it is just another thing besides some negative things that happened to me here recently, and even before that it was already over the top when it comes to the problems and how things function here!……… :/ 😐
      Thanks much for visiting and commenting!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

        • Really??????????????!!! 😀 Oh, thank you so much for that… I didn’t know you were reading my posts since you are not that active but I noticed the upvotes and thank you for that! 🙂 It’s also good to hear some (other) people actually support and agree about what I write since there are also some constant “haters” and judging people and that feels bad for a very long time here………! :/|
          Yes, there is a lot, unfortunately, from my perspective, a lot of it is admins’ responsibility and the way they are “solving” things and that is probably what bothers me the most… :/( I was hoping too, even writing some supportive articles about them because I TRUSTED THEM when they were telling me they are working on some things, for example on COMMUNICATION, but seems it actually never happened as they are only IGNORING each of us when asked about such and other things they are not SOLVING………. That seems to be the pattern here and we can’t expect them to change (that is what I’m repeating for like 3 years because it was immediately quite CLEAR to me how they “WORK” and THINK) if they haven’t changed their behavior nor SOLVED some THINGS and OLD PROBLEMS for YEARS now………

  4. If you decide to leave, I will miss your posts about Virily. Do not make a complete decision, if you need to distant yourself from Virily – do it but don’t leave it completely. I also once felt too frustrated and left it for many months, but I came back and again enjoy it with a new approach to things that are going here.

    • Ohhhhhhhh :))), you are so sweet, thank you so much!!!!!!!!! 🙂 <3 <3 I am also glad you like my posts about Virily……….! 🙂 I know, I am aware of that, but the problem is that things never change here. The more you are here the more you are noticing things, and no matter how much you come with a new approach there are people/situations who/which will remind you (by acting the same) and bring you back to that same old state getting you frustrated……… Maybe it's also because I was spending a lot of my time here which is also making me kinda addicted to it therefore very nervous and frustrated too, but if you are using it in smaller amounts therefore in a little more superficial approach, maybe then you don't get exposed to such things, I don't know, am not sure, but maybe I could try what you advised and thank you…! 🙂
      This time I was and am very hurt and it is not just because of the conflicts I had, but the manner admins act in many other and then as well in such things… The problem is it's like talking to "deaf ears" and it seems it is even more expressed and noticed in situations like those when the frustration is very high… The problem is when you experience something like that and see how they think and act (it is that same behavior that we are all frustrated about for years here just more intensified now) then you simply see that it's just not worth it anymore………
      I was also very exclusive about leaving and asked them to pay me (which they did), export my data and delete my profile but since it didn't happen the way I asked nor anyone was answering me (again) my questions about those things (I was very angry towards them with lots of bad words so it could be the reason too), I don't know how would they feel if I stayed and I actually don't want to talk to them nor do they answer which is causing a lot of frustration……….!

      • It’s simply over the top and was even before those conflicts… But I could try what you advised me, and currently I’m trying to cheer myself up by being active a little even though I don’t feel like it………:/ 😐

        • Believe me, many here like you and your Virily reviews and your insights. Look more positive at being here, don’t search for flaws. We do not earn living here so there are no reasons why to feel so frustrated. Try to enjoy communication with those who you think it’s worth it.

          You know, many times I had a wish to leave, but when I come back from work and open Virily, when I start typing my thoughts, my mood, frustration, joy, whatever I feel at that time, it becomes like some kind of relax.

          Don’t close doors too tight, leave a little gap for the hope of better time in Virily.

          • Really……………….?????????! :O Having in mind how many people are constantly criticizing my writings about Virily and how many of them I had conflicts with because of that and similar things I really thought people actually hate me here or at least think I have no idea about anything I write…! I wasn’t looking negatively until such things started happening, and I actually got an insult from the “main” person that is writing about Virily too………!
            Yes, I was actually giving myself a lot here…

            Yes, it was relaxing for me too until such things started happening and generally after I started being very frustrated how admins are “solving” them………

            I was always having hope until now because such pattern is repeating for years… This time it’s simply something that is finished but I am trying to see if there is anything that will make it worth it……..

    • Hi Mavic, this is incredible!!!!!!!!! I was browsing my messages yesterday and I noticed your message so I kinda wondered a little about you and here you are……….! ;D
      I will answer you later but my previous post and comments in it tell partially about it…..

    • I had some very bad experiences here recently and even before that some things were already over the top when it comes to the site in general, the way it’s run and similar… Now that the Viril value seems to be lower and lower and after all of that that happened to me I wanted to leave the site (I wrote about it in my previous post) and am still kinda in such mood but decided to stay to see if there is anything that would make me stay here…….

    • That is the problem Sandra, they never do that, and things are the same for 3 years……… There is obviously a pattern how they do things or better say NOT do, and now after how I was treated because of that same pattern about some things (recent conflicts) it is no wonder how this site is run……… I don’t want to accuse anyone because we don’t know what they are doing behind the “curtain” but from what I experienced here and how things are solved, I kinda don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore ever………

    • I agree with you… They probably reduced the limits because the Viril value got low so they probably can’t pay us more than that now. When it comes to other things, I think this site is not run properly as we all noticed and are constantly complaining about the same things, and yes, many people left the site because of those things… It does seem to be getting worse and now after the things I wrote about in my previous post I mentioned above happened it only confirms their way of thinking and doing things……… I hope I’m not right though………! 😉

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