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The Coffee Talk… – the Activity Has Already Dropped, the Number of Posts and the Improvement of the Traffic…

I see the activity has already dropped, I see less views, comments and active users, only a couple of users comment now, probably due to the removal of points for Commenting on other people’s Posts, and only a couple of the regular post. 

Since all the Daily Limits and the value of points are reduced I see some are trying to compensate that by posting more, while, unfortunately, Posts are not approved regularly but only a couple of times a week as I heard – which I don’t understand the reason for…

My guess is that if there were more Posts by different users it would impact the activity and the site much better than the way it is currently done, and I repeat, I don’t understand the reason for that but I guess there is a reason… It is similar to the thing that new Users are not accepted so I don’t quite get this as I suppose it should be the opposite in order to improve the site traffic…

But then, it is also not quite clear to me why we are enabled to post that many Posts (as it seems that Limit was not reduced…!) while the Daily Limits for Opening/Viewing Posts and Received Paid Views are reduced that much so we can’t open them all (at least not while being Paid for that) or it might be it is thought that posting that much is good for the site and can improve the traffic, but then again, why Posts are not approved that often then…

I am not sure if there is much sense in posting about it anymore but I announced I will post the second part of the new Virily changes – the changed way points (Virils) are rewarded for Views and Viewing now, so I will, and I’m also planning to post some of the ideas for improving the traffic and Views I already posted long ago but now in a little changed manner…

I am also wondering why Poll answers are not working anymore… We were all posting the solutions for that problem and now it doesn’t work as well… :/|

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  • Question of

    Have you noticed all the activities have dropped now…?

  • Question of

    Have you noticed more Posts are now being posted by the same user(s)…? (I’m not accusing nor judging just asking generally)

  • Question of

    Do you think approving Posts more often would also be good for the site and improve the site traffic…?

  • Question of

    Do you think having more Posts by different users would be good for the site and/therefore improve the traffic…?


What do you think?

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  1. I noticed that some people have more posts. Mine depend on how much free time I have and what challenges I want to tackle. I also don’t get the answers. I’ll try to set them manually. Have a nice weekend.

    • Yes, that is unfortunately the only way to get more points now since all the daily limits are reduced… Of course, I just don’t feel pleasant to post that much… I tried to add them manually but it didn’t work…! 😐 🙁

  2. The thing I noticed was that after posting two articles and a quiz I had fewer notifications than ever before but then I will keep on in good faith. As it is with all my writing job I can hardly keep up anyway and I cannot stretch myself completely

    • So you noticed there is much less activity now as well………?!… I understand…

      It can be you actually get a lot of views just less comments so you can check that on the Virils page, and if you get 50 paid views you can’t get more than that because that limit is reduced now as well, as I already wrote…

    • I am just wondering about the “efficiency” of these things when it comes to the site traffic and revenue… Well, you can certainly try that, I think they would if they are interested and some are opening them just for points… They are viewing the ones of other people who post more posts so why wouldn’t they view yours…

          • What are they working on, in your opinion? I have nothing to add. People can post as many post as they want inside the post limits; and I don’t see the point to comment what would be better for the site since that’s only theoretical.

        • On Polls of course… They added the View Results option already… But if you think it’s the consequence of adding that option, I don’t know…, could be…

          I didn’t say anything against the number of posts nor the people who are posting them, I am discussing the other possibilities and sides of it as you see what I compared it with… I AM asking it theoretically and practically… Because I don’t see the logic there and I guess the traffic of the site is the crucial thing when it comes to the site revenue, having ads, etc…

          • I mean not about the number of posts 1 person posts but the number in general and in comparison with the daily limits which are disabling us to view them all and being paid for that…!

          • …even the person who posts that many posts can’t be paid for all the views of them if many people view them…

            And of course there is the problem of not approving posts often so it affects the traffic as well!

          • I noticed that the posts by Ileana and Carol that have answers always start with numbers. I tried both ways and only the ones with numbers showed up

        • I noticed that too but I also noticed posts where not all such answers showed up so I thought it was just a coincidence!… Now I tried it too in my newest post and they all showed up, at that all at once after only 1 Reload after adding them…!!! :”D This is becoming hilarious, ahahahahah…..! 😀 ;DDD I don’t understand what the numbers have with that but could be it’s something with the way it was programed…

          I was actually fine with them not even appearing now, this is just becoming too much for me, if they don’t want them to work let it just be now, but I wanted to try it so I might continue adding them… :/

        • I just thought it would be much better for the site prosperity if there were more users and different posts, so I just don’t understand this logic, that is what I meant, no one accuses anyone of posting more, as I already pointed out in the questions…

          • I’m just thinking logically as posts are not even approved regularly and the value goes down, shouldn’t it be the opposite then………? :/ More users which is also disabled, more different posts which would attract outside viewers as well, and not only like 5 regular users who post between themselves……… 😐


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