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The Coffee Talk… – the Accuracy of the Virils Counter Partially Checked and the Effect of Embedded Links on It

I already wrote about this issue but still haven’t managed to calculate all the Virils earned in the previous months but as I said, I was and am writing down the numbers from the updated Dashboards and the Virils Counter (User Balance) when the Dashboard updates and at the end of the month so for now I managed to check that part by subtraction of the current Virils number (User Balance) with the Virils number (User Balance) from the end of the previous month to get the number of Virils earned in February and the number of Virils on the Dashboard for February (Month to Date and This Month) is larger for around 1500 Virils than the substrate which means the Dashboard is showing a higher and probably correct amount of Virils than the Virils Counter (User Balance) but since there were days when 200 Virils were not added to the Virils Counter (User Balance) I think Virils should be counted too…

I also think I found the possible reason for this issue…!

When I was writing about this issue in my previous posts which can be found on the links below, I wrote that I started noticing this when I started receiving a lot of Views and Virils for them which started happening when I started adding embedded links as Related Posts in my Posts as a great way to inform people about the possibly missed and related info with the article I was publishing… As I already wrote in the articles on the links below, at that time I didn’t know those were actually “embedded links” and that they were actually opening automatically… Since I wasn’t noticing the Virils Counter (User Balance) was incorrect when there were usual points (Virils) for an opened Post and a received Comment, I also wrote that I was noticing that the Virils Counter was kinda “skipping” some received Virils for received Views not summing them up properly with the previous sum and that I noticed it happening when there is a lot of received Views, Viewings and Virils at the same time…! Since I didn’t know embedded links were actually opening automatically I thought it was due to the fast opening of the links I was putting in them (which partially is true), so now it’s clear that what is actually happening is that the Virils Counter is obviously “skipping” some received Virils because they are all received at the same time due to the automatic opening of embedded links but it also happens when a lot of Posts are opening at the same time, but the good thing is that it is probably only a problem with the Virils Counter not the actual sum of received Virils which seems to be correct on the Dashboard but is yet to be thoroughly checked!

I am still wondering about the 4-days “missing” sum from December earnings I wrote about in my previous post, The Coffee Talk… – the Dashboard Updated (But Something Is Maybe Missing…? :/) + the Viril Value, which would be great to be informed about but that can also be checked by counting…


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The Coffee Talk… – the Dashboard Updated (But Something Is Maybe Missing…? :/) + the Viril Value

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    • No, I think the flaw is still there, as you probably already noticed and learned, some things here never get fixed as they are not fixed for years despite our constant complaints about them, but I was only calculating is the situation on the Dashboard correct in contrary to the Virils Counter… It seems more correct but I am still not sure (for the reasons I mentioned above) it is completely correct and that should be checked.

    • PS You can also check it yourself by counting Virils and comparing them with the Virils in your Balance on your Dashboard, everyone can do it, and it’s easier for the ones who earn less… I will check it when able.

  1. Like I told you, I’m not burdened with it and I’m not writing anything down …. when I see I’m no longer getting Virily’s I stop …. as long as I get it at the end of the month it’s fine

    • This is an earning site and, of course, I am here to earn too, if I were not I would probably just post on Facebook or something like that… Since there is a lot of problems which are making us all very frustrated I guess learning about this was something that would, of course, be over the top of it all, so just wanted to be sure… – of course, it would be much easier if we were informed about it not having to check it by ourselves…

      • PS With all these and some other problems I don’t have much will to post about anything else than to “investigate” the problems currently, it is kinda creative too, hehehe…..! ;/D 😀 😀 😉

        PS2 Now I’m thinking, I would probably earn more if I posted on Facebook, hahaha…! ;/D

    • I think so too but (I think it) still needs to be checked a little more thoroughly which will take a little more effort and time so not sure when I will be able to do it but everyone can check it themselves if interested too… 😉 You are very welcome and thank you for the support!!!

    • You are welcome, I wasn’t controlling them until I noticed this issue… It’s hard to count them all of course so if I do it it will take a lot of effort and time but at least I know the Dashboard shows a higher amount than the Virils Counter…

    • You are very welcome, thanks!… 🙂 I actually thought the Counter was accurate too until I noticed this happening… I hope so, I think 1500 Virils is a good sign although I would still like to check it more thoroughly since there were many Virils missing in the Counter at that time, and it’s still happening – probably because of the speed issue I explained above…

  2. Ever since I have been at this site I have managed to make the payout every 3 months. From the time I started this site has had “growing pains” … glitches and all kinds of “technical difficulties”. Things were working. Then they were not working. Then they were working again. Yet! I still only manage to earn enough virils per month to get paid every 3 months.

    The only thing that has had a major impact on my virils count is … ME publishing more content. Views, Comments, etc. None of that has ever really changed for me. If I want to earn more virils, I just have to publish more content. I don’t spend time analyzing the virils counter because I can see the monthly summary of the average viril counts. I see in my dashboard that the counts are fairly consistent. It’s been that way for me since 2017. Glitches or no glitches. Bugs or no bugs.

    • That is great and I didn’t say anything that would be something “against” or different than what you described here, except that the number of Virils calculated in the Virils Counter or shown on the Dashboard is not something that depends on us but the system that counts and sums up those Virils we earn with our work.
      Therefore, the thing described in my previous articles about this is only something I and several other users started noticing during the previous month – that the received Virils were not summed up correctly in the Virils Counter (there were a lot of them missing there) so we also couldn’t be sure if they were therefore summed up correctly on the Dashboard at the end of the month too or not – whether the Dashboard shows the amount from the Virils Counter which skips counting all the earned Virils or it actually shows separately calculated earnings – the RIGHT amount, so since I expressed my worries about it (and some other users confirmed) and said I will check it, I felt the obligation to publish what I checked so far.

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