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The Coffee Talk… – Some Small New Virily Issues – the Missing Preview Photos and Points for Submitted Items…

I know there are some much bigger issues than these and that there might be no sense in publishing about them currently, especially when it comes to the missing Ads problem, but I will continue informing about my observations as that is currently my main interest and we never know what is actually happening until informed, right…

So yesterday I published my post The Coffee Talk… – When It Comes to Challenges… and put three embedded links in it where two of them were Lists which didn’t have their preview photo appearing on the links… This is the first time I’m noticing this so I’m guessing that since such posts don’t have the cover photo appearing inside them – only the photos from the list, that might be the reason as the cover photo is the one showing in previews… I am not sure why it’s put that way since we do choose the cover photo when making such posts too, so it’s the one that should appear as the preview photo too but it’s probably a mistake in the program as it’s obviously recognizing only the ones which appear as the cover photo inside posts!…

Also, there is another thing when it comes to Lists (and Galleries) I was preparing to write about long ago as I noticed it changed long ago… When making Lists and adding photos in them we receive points (Virils) for each Submitted Item (added photo) in it. Before we were getting 4 x 2 Virils for Submitted Items no matter how many photos we added but some time ago I got only 1 x 2 Virils for Submitted Items even though I added 4 or 5 photos… I asked the editor about it at that time and he told me he contacted the staff or the technical support about it and they told him it was because that rule was changed (due to the quality of the photos people are adding or something like that…) and that it was only 1 x 2 Virils then I think… I was confused because it was already reduced to 4 x 2 Virils (I think it was more – for all the photos before but I am not sure!) and then it was even smaller… – only 1 x 2 Virils… He didn’t answer further, and the next time I was adding photos I again got 4 x 2 Virils for submitting items…..! That was weird to me again so I was wondering was the previous time the new rule or it was actually a mistake since I was said it was only 1 x 2 Virils then I think, so I asked again but there were no more answers…

I usually don’t publish Lists nor Galleries but a couple of days ago I published a List, Red to Pink Photos – the Color Crazy Challenge Red, within a challenge and got 2 x 2 Virils for Submitted Items now, so I am wondering if that is the “new standard” now or it’s a mistake or a glitch again……….?! :/

The Coffee Talk… – When It Comes to Challenges…

Red to Pink Photos – the Color Crazy Challenge Red

Crazy Color Challenge – Indigo

Virily Issues…: Points (Virils) for Adding Images in Lists and Galleries and Other

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    Did you notice there are no preview photos on embedded links for Lists…?

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    Is 2 x 2 Virils for Submitted Items in Lists the new standard or it was a mistake…?

    • The new standard
    • A mistake
    • I don’t know


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    • I know… When it comes to the first question it’s not that much of a problem as it’s pretty clear why it happens – it’s obviously a mistake in the program, but when it comes to the second one I was actually asking about the users’ experience… – to learn how much other people receive when making lists, are there differences or they are receiving the same number as I received now…

        • I found out about some newer posts of mine where photos were present and now they are missing there too but I wasn’t exploring to see where else they are missing… I think that happened after this design change but I will have to check it more…! I am preparing to post about that too although we can’t do much about it now that the editing is not available……… I’m actually wondering if that is the reason they removed the button – maybe they actually wanted and made it intentionally that way for some reasons… :/// But I will make another post about it…

          • I mean I read some comments from other users about storing data and making more space or something like that… :/ But actually editing drafts doesn’t have anything to do with that and that is not available to so I am not sure if that is the reason… :///

          • I read that too, but the users pointed out that the photos are still there just not visible – so they are actually not saving storage space. Besides, these are some of the well performing posts on the site and it doesn’t make sense to mess them.
            Unfortunately, no one really knows what’s going on.

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