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The Coffee Talk… – My View on (Low) Views, Reduced Limits and the Viril Value

There was a comment in one of my latest posts about Views, The Coffee Talk… – the Low Activity These Days and Unique Views, which actually expressed everything I think about this issue… 

The comment stated that “This whole problem would be solved if only Admin would restore some sort of reward for sharing posts externally, thus encouraging members to do so. As it is, I suspect that views are being generated very largely by Virily members, and if they are not feeling properly appreciated or rewarded, they will lessen in number even more.”… Yes, I agree, and what it actually also covers is the “substance” of the whole issue…

I understand that the limits were probably reduced because the Viril value got lower, but if the limits are reduced, there is less activity and traffic, and with less activity and traffic I guess the Viril value goes even lower… There were some members who were only opening posts to earn, I am not sure those members are still active since they can’t earn much with that anymore… Also, there are so many members but I think only around 20-30% (if that much) of them are actually active, while I think the site is not accepting new members anymore…

The Coffee Talk – Before I Continue Posting… (Comments, Views and Daily Limits)

The Coffee Talk… – the Low Activity These Days and Unique Views

The Coffee Talk… – the Current/"New" Situation on Virily

The Coffee Talk…: What Are Your Current Thoughts About Virily…….?

The Daily Limits (Definitely) Changed…

The Other Daily Limits Changed Too………….? :/

No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!

The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…!

A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Do you agree with this logic…? That the lower the rewards lower the activity therefore lower the Viril value…

    • Yes
    • No
    • Partially


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  1. I’ve also been wondering about why Virily doesn’t want to accept new users. They’ve opened it for a while and then closed it soon after.

    It’s like they have a quota.

    Or perhaps they want Virily to be a close “private” site?

    • I didn’t understand well… You mean they are intentionally reducing earnings……….? But they are not earning that way too I think…
      I have just learned from another user that views could also not have any impact on the Viril value, because that is how it is on one other site, although I don’t know how that other site works…

  2. I have noted the low value of virily hasn’t to do with the traffic. On the other site, the views are still the same as of last year but the value has depreciated.
    Also, with Google’s updates to its search algorathim such as the panda that led to the end of many sites is affecting the value of traffic.

      • I think, the Virily veterans are doing their best to solve the problems you mention, by doubling their time and hard work writing, reading and commenting on others’ blogs. Isn’t that how I, as newbie, should be doing, as well?

        My goal is towards VERIFIED USER status. And I’m sure the veteran community is helping me to reach it.

        • I am a Virily “veteran” too and I think I’m actually doing much more than them since I was using the daily limits to the fullest and even suggesting some things to improve the traffic which not many were practicing! I am preparing to “repost” those ideas so we’ll see… They are based on improving views but I also heard from one other user that the Viril value could not be based on views at all…!!!
          You can do as much as you can but that doesn’t have to mean any of our activities will help anything here……… I actually kinda gave up, if admins don’t care why should I, I’m already fed up and lost quite of my enthusiasm here…

          They verified some users recently, even some completely brand new members which I heard was against the rules, so I don’t know…

    • I never got to get many views by sharing posts on Twitter nor Facebook, so I stopped sharing when they disabled getting Virils for guest views, but I heard there is less views now when sharing too… This issue is not only about sharing, it is also about reduced limits which can cause the situation getting worse in my opinion, as we already see some members are not active now although it doesn’t have to mean that is the reason…!

    • Yes, this one looked very suiting at the beginning, but looking at how things are going here, which move makes another move (I again see some other active users are not active anymore), Viril value going lower, I doubt it will turn around but one never knows, right…

  3. Virily is not accepting new members? I did not know that. I think it is bad news. we have a lot of members who never posted anything after joining. But this does not mean, we do not need new members. interesting conception. All similar sites encourage people to join.

    • I think it doesn’t because there is no sign-up option on the login page (at least not that I noticed it…! – maybe I’m wrong…? :/)… I also didn’t know the previous time it was happening and only learned when they started accepting them recently (that is when all those new members signed-in I think) and now it seems it is not accepting them again… Exactly… I don’t know what is their “logic” anymore and especially why!……………… :/// 😐

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