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The Coffee Talk… – Just to Say!…

I have to say this…

I know how much I was and am giving to many users here, I was opening all their posts, commenting and giving myself much in order to stay loyal to them… Sometimes I was even picking up users and opening ALL their posts…

So now when such users come and only upvote a post (meaning 1 post) without (“having the time to”) opening it, or visit my posts until I start visiting them and then start passively “blackmailing” for visits because they would not visit anymore until I Again visit them forgetting how much I actually already rewarded them by opening all of their many posts then it really makes me not wanting to give anything anymore…

Till now I was opening all posts but now I will have to think about it and probably change that by visiting only the ones who visit me.

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    Are you experiencing such things………?

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    Do you visit people who are not visiting you…?

    • Yes
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    Do you mind when people who you are constantly supporting are not giving back as much as you do..?

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  1. I’ve been doing this for a while now … visiting and commenting exclusively on people who visit my posts and commenting … well I used to open everything down the line now but nothing more

  2. It really doesn’t matter to me, I try to respond to those who read my posts and comment, but due to health reasons and shortage of time I haven’t been able to do much on Virily I don’t expect anything from anyone.

    • It’s great you don’t mind that… For me it was the same, I do the same but I was also visiting and commenting some other people who weren’t visiting me (at all or not that much) so now I don’t have any will to give myself to them anymore if they never show their appreciation in any of the ways…
      Yes, of course, that is understandable, but this is another situation where both sides are active and even when some people are not active I always remember who was loyal and give back sooner or later…

    • That is great you tend to be loyal and of course, that is understandable… This is nothing personal, especially not towards you, it’s just something I am noticing when it comes to some users which is just disappointing for me… I tend to do the same as you but now it’s also kinda hard to accomplish it all since the limits are reduced…
      PS Sorry for not getting back to you these days, I wasn’t commenting much generally, but I will…!

    • Yes but the difference between me and some people is that if I appreciate or am loyal to someone I will open or read even the posts which are not that appealing, so if I’m opening ALL posts of a user I certainly can’t read all of them. And here I’m talking about the ones who I thought were loyal too – not some “random users”!

    • Also, if currently there are no appealing posts and that user visited me I will certainly try to find “an appealing post” as you call it to give something back…! I AM loyal to the people who are visiting me, maybe not always on time because there are many and the limits are reduced but I always Get Back and Remember who and how much someone did or is doing for me…!

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