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The Coffee Talk… – Just to Make It Clear…

Whatever I post about Virily are just my own thoughts, opinions, conclusions, wonderings, etc. based on my own observations… When I write about something I always say “I think…”, or I present my ideas and ask users about their opinion on those things… I don’t always criticize as some possibly concluded and as the message I want to send is often misunderstood…

In my previous post, The Coffee Talk… – the (Embedded Links) Misinformation and Misinterpretations…, I explained some things I thought were not understood as I noticed some comments and a post that could possibly be based on my comments about embedded links, 

and in my other post, The Coffee Talk… – Just Some Thoughts, I also presented 2 different sides and possible answers to the current problems…


The Coffee Talk… – the (Embedded Links) Misinformation and Misinterpretations…

The Coffee Talk… – Just Some Thoughts

The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limit for Received Paid Views Reduced Too……?

The Coffee Talk… – the Loading Page Issue Solution

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  • Are you making conclusions before actually reading something…?

    • Yes


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    • That is not a problem, this is about something else… When people who don’t even read what is written write posts or comments on something they haven’t even read, and then judge about something they didn’t even read! What is worse, they judge “by the title”…!

          • Hehheeh, yes, that is mostly how I do now too, although I do try to comment on some other things I like sometimes too…
            But I will repeat, there are some who write articles about me while don’t even knowing what I actually said in my posts or didn’t even understand my comments so they judge by the title and then write negative stuff about me or my posts, so that is what I’m talking about here…

          • Oh, I know that… I just can’t keep my mouth shut, ahahah…! ;D 😀 I just don’t understand the need of some users to write about something that personally had nothing to do with them… Or to even write about something criticizing it while they didn’t even interpret the situation properly…

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