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The Coffee Talk… – Just a Few Words on My Virily Themed Posts and Advice + One by One Thing Starts Not Working Here………

I have only a couple more posts about Virily to post, it’s mostly the info you might know nothing about, and that’s the only point of my posts – to inform!…

I am constantly receiving comments from people who didn’t know anything about some of the things I was writing about, even when I post several times about them so that is also one of the reasons why I’m repeating some info I already posted about…

Unfortunately, we are not informed the way I (and many others) think we should be so I guess someone has to do it…

I know many are not satisfied so I’m also using my posts to exchange opinions and pay attention to the Site to try to do more!…

Unfortunately I am also seeing some posts where the advice given is something I’ve already posted about very long ago and even repeated that same info and advise several times recently but have been criticized by the same people who are now advising those same things then!… I have to say that criticism I’ve been exposed to then affected me in a very negative way which actually caused me even having conflicts with those same people, after which they wrote their “general” articles about the “negativity” here (which they actually caused by their criticism) and now they are “advising” those same things I’ve already advised about long ago but was criticized by them!…

I’m saying this only for the people to be aware of some things and that not everything is how it looks!…

My next article will be about the Important Change in Views as an effect of Reduced Daily Limits, till then feel free to be informed about the new Virily changes on the links below…:

The Coffee Talk… – All the New Virily Changes PT. 1 – Daily Limits and Points (Virils) and Their Effect on The Activity

The Coffee Talk… – a Little More on the Earnings and the Right of Being Informed + the Incredibly High Number of Views in My Previous Post Is Abnormally Weird…!!!

The Coffee Talk…..!!! – Why I Am Here + Are We Currently Earning ANYTHING Here………?!?!?!?

The Coffee Talk… – the Purpose of My Writing or What Is Virily For…..

The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limits Reduced, No Virils for Commenting Other People's Posts!!!…

The Coffee Talk… – I Am Shocked!….. – Payments, Daily Limits, etc.

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    Have you learned about the new Virily changes…?

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    Do you like them…?

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    Which ones you don’t like…?

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    Will they affect your activity here…?

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    Which ones…?

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    I see now Polls don’t even have answers…

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    All I’m noticing is that here one by one thing starts NOT working, does that mean something……………? ;/| 😐


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  1. There are new posts. This is proof that there is hope. There are other things more important than being angry that there are no answers to the questions. In the last 24 hours, 864 people have died. There are 102 138 already infected. This is a problem. I can only have fun here now. I do not want to strain my psyche. to write what excites you. If they were to close this site they would shut it down. They pay no attention to what you write. Nevertheless, I will visit your future posts.

    • Those posts are mostly from the verified users while posts from the non-verified are published only once or twice a week as I heard!… There are no answers for 3 years, not just now, and all this is just too much…!
      And no one pushes you… My posts are certainly not written for the cause you may think… I like exploring things and it’s a coffee talk – remember………? I am not writing in an angry way, I am just constanting things, sorry if you understand it differently than that, it’s just your interpretation then…
      You are actually wrong…, they do pay attention and know what everyone of us writes and comments!, and many think this site is going down for some time already so they already reduced the points and limits and eventually they will shut it down if things don’t get better……. I don’t even care anymore actually, they can shut it or not shut it down, I’m done with it… I can use it for fun, in much smaller amounts, but it’s not even fun anymore listening to all the critiques of mediocre people…
      I am just writing informatively, if anyone understands it differently it’s their problem, not mine, but thanks and nice of you if you are interested in my posts…

      • I’m also trying to give advice and help when needed so I don’t understand the constant critique of some people who say they don’t even read my posts!!! How can they say anything about them if they don’t read them…!!!?! – that is what I meant by “mediocre people” and I’m sorry I even have to use such an expression!…

    • It’s “brilliant”……….? It’s not brilliant in any of the ways… It was not that bad for me when it comes to earnings (I wasn’t here to earn a fortune but what I was earning was ok), but it’s certainly crap now so it’s certainly not worthy of what I’m losing here constantly…

    • What I mean I like to “play” here but it’s not worth of spending that much time for nothing…

      PS I’m also suspecting you read my other articles as this post was not quite about that while the previous ones were… ;/ 🙂

    • Hahahahah! 😀 Yes, indeed…!!! 😀 😉 I don’t know what is going on, we have “the results” but no answers…! 😀 ;PD To me it looks like one by one thing stops working, to me it looks like they are doing it intentionally but of course can’t claim that, just saying how it looks… 😐

  2. To me it looks like they are turning off one by one thing and that they will eventually turn off the site completely… I just hope it won’t be the same as with LiteracyBase where the Admins just stopped replying and vanished!… >:||

    • I just don’t understand the new implementation of the “View/Hide results” in Poll questions then… I will understand this if they are working on things, possibly fixing them, but I don’t see anything is fixed for days – there is still the Loading Posts Pages problem, colors are changing when the page loads if not loaded properly, and everything else…!!! >:\|

    • PS Not sure if it’s ok to say this but it is something that has always been on my mind for some reason – from the start!… When I came here I was actually wondering if this site was run by the same people who ran the LiteracyBase because this site appeared almost at the same time when that happened there and the site and some behaviors reminded me of such…

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