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The Coffee Talk Challenge: A Bird in the Hand


Is worth two in the bush. It’s all about taking risks. Not sure about the outcome that would come out of letting go of a valuable asset you already have in your hand.

Sometimes, unnecessary risks end up in nothing done. Nothing solved in the end.  Embarrassment. Falling flat on your face, and with broken wings. But the good side of  being honest and true to logic and facts upon thoroughly investigating your options, risk-taking may be worth it.

Risk, such as, being debt-free. For many months now, my husband an I have decided to be free from all our stupidly made thousands of debts. We decided to be as a this noise-making little fledgling pardalote. And we are never getting into credit card spending ever again. It never worked for us at all!

With no debts, with good savings in our retirement fund, and a house fully paid off, and cash on hand paying bills and saving up for stuff we need.

I think, this is what we call what an ‘abundant life‘ really means. Something futuristic that we can attain and work hard for, and get results.

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    Have you done any risk-taking steps further moving on to solving a problem you had before?

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    What risk or ‘bird in your hand’ you’ve let go and benefitted you and others in the long run? Would you like to share in your comment below?

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    • I’m so excited to share


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