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The Coffee Talk – Before I Continue Posting… (Comments, Views and Daily Limits)

I already expressed how I feel in my latest posts, The Coffee Talk…: What Are Your Current Thoughts About Virily…….? and The Coffee Talk… – the Current/”New” Situation on Virily, but as you can see I’m trying to be active…

That saying, I was opening your posts and started commenting some of them since I don’t feel quite ready to be regularly active but there is a problem I ran into while doing that…

When the daily limits were 200 for opening posts and 50 for commenting I was opening all the posts and commenting everything I liked and all the ones who were visiting my posts, but now, since the daily limits are reduced, I am having problems managing commenting and visiting you all, so I guess I will need some reorganization in that… 

There is especially a problem if someone posts several posts a day because I have to visit as many different users as I can, and especially the ones who visit me too…! Before it was just browsing the Latest page and now I have to calculate and visit the users who are visiting me first so it all became a little complicated and I’m still not quite managing it…

So I just wanted to inform you about that, to know if I still haven’t managed to visit you…

The Coffee Talk… – the Low Activity These Days and Unique Views

The Coffee Talk… – the Current/"New" Situation on Virily

The Daily Limits (Definitely) Changed…

The Other Daily Limits Changed Too………….? :/

No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!

The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…!

A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!!

The Coffee Talk…

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  • Question of

    Are you having problems opening all the posts you want since the limits were reduced…? :/

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t open that many posts
  • Question of

    Are you having problems commenting all the posts you want since the limits were reduced…? :/

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t comment that many posts
    • I don’t comment that much


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  1. I am having problems commenting but because I have a lot of notifications it is nothing to do with limits. I have never had any problems with limits in commenting posts. I do not know if I do not comment enough or the limit is still far ahead of me.

    • The limit for commenting (other users) is 30 so I reach it pretty fast because I’m far behind in commenting so I tend to comment as many users as I can. Also, a lot (a part) of it already goes when answering notifications and since there is often a lot of them I hardly manage to comment on some new posts.. I understand your problem, I was having a similar one with my notifications too…!

  2. Given that you have to gain around 13 Virils to earn a single cent, why are people getting so worked up about their earnings for viewing and commenting? Are we not in “storm in a teacup” territory here?

    • Yes, I know, you don’t comment that much… I understand that too, and I should really turn to some more important things as well…!
      I just spend a lot of Virils when answering notifications so I don’t have much left to “return the favors” and comment new posts then so I’m a lot behind and wanted people to know that… :/

    • I know, I understand, I actually feel the same so that is probably why I was that nervous sometimes, it’s actually not healthy. I don’t post many posts because I can’t manage that much with comments and everything, and yes it is very exhausting then especially if those are Virily posts where you have to be engaged with opinions and comments …! Although now with these reduced limits it is actually healthier, hahahah…! ;D
      I just feel bad because I already spend a lot of Virils on answering notifications so I can’t manage to comment a lot of new posts… 😐

  3. I do as much as I can when I come on here and often cannot get around to reading everyone’s posts but I do my best. I will tell you right here that Virily is still one of the best places to post and interact. I mentioned another site to you and I can tell you now they do not have a referral link system and you cannot post every day there because you need to accumulate a certain amount of points before you can put in another post that is a big minus there. I will hang around there for a while and see how things go but because of needing to gather points to post it seems that it would take me too much time and I cannot spend too much time on any site. I need to spread myself around.

    • Yes, I am having such problems too but currently it’s because of the reduced limit…

      I know Virily is a very easy site to use, including posting and interacting, that is why I liked it in the first place, but some things here are like Nowhere on the internet – at least not on some sites which care about their presentation, performance and success… Some things that are considered normal in functioning of a site are not practiced here and that brings a lot of unneeded frustrations!

      I think there is a referral program because there is an option to add a referral link on the sign-up page, that is why I asked you… Gathering points for posting does sound a little too much but I haven’t checked the site so I can’t say anything… It can be interesting but if they ask too much then it can be really overwhelming too…

      I understand, for me even posting here is too much, hehehe…!

  4. I don’t like the term limit; technically there are no limits for comments you can write or posts you read. It’s just that you don’t receive a viril for it. For me personally, it doesn’t matter, because I find it quicker to read a post or write a comment when I have something to say, than to count how many virils I have made for the day.

    • Yes, and I am obviously talking about receiving Virils for them… I don’t count Virils, I just see when I stop receiving them and for me it’s a waste of time and efforts doing it and earning nothing since earnings here are already petty and I do have some more important things to do than spending so much time I have already spending here even when there WERE Virils for them…

      • I do not have much time, sometimes I have time only for reading posts, so I do not comment at all because it also requires time. I better open and read more posts than just read and comment a few only. Saving my time I really do not dig so deep in notifications and do not count anything there.

        • Yes I afere it’s better when it comes to earning too. It is not requiering much effort, I just watch the Virils page so I notice when I stop receiving Virils… I don’t want to spend that much time and a lot of efforts while not earning anything especially that I’m still bothered by some things here so it is very unhealthy spending that much time and for nothing here…

          • Correction: “I agree…”
            You know I wanted to leave the site so it would be too much and it was already too much of spending time here even when there were Virils for it.

    • Yes, I noticed you are less active lately and that is probably the reason… I just run out of Virils very quickly so I can’t reward all the ones I want to and in the quantities I want to, and I also think it’s not helping the site and the already existing low views problem because I think it only brings less views and comments too…

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