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The Coffee Talk… – Be Aware When Opening Other People's Posts…

Yesterday a similar problem with receiving Virils for opening other people’s posts happened like it recently happened with receiving Virils for commenting other people’s posts, which I already wrote about in my recent post, The Coffee Talk… – Be Aware When Commenting Other People’s Posts and a Couple of Other Info!…

I was opening other people’s posts and I stopped receiving Virils for that at one point so I thought I reached the Daily Limit for opening other people’s posts which is 100 posts now (The Daily Limits (Definitely) Changed…) but later when I opened a couple of new ones to read what they are about I noticed I received Virils for some of them too… I even think I didn’t receive Virils for all of them but just for a couple of random ones but I am not quite sure…!

I’m not sure what and why it actually happened but this is just something to be aware of when opening other people’s posts if you think you already reached the Daily Limit that it might be a glitch or something…

I recently wrote a post, The Coffee Talk… – the Missing Photos Problem in Newer Posts Too…, where I informed what I learned about, that some things will be fixed soon, so it might be some fixes are underway therefore the glitches but it could be it happened only that time or it only looked that way to me

The Coffee Talk… – Be Aware When Commenting Other People's Posts and a Couple of Other Info!…

The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limit for Received Paid Views Reduced Too……?

The Coffee Talk… – the Current/"New" Situation on Virily

The Daily Limits (Definitely) Changed…

The Other Daily Limits Changed Too………….? :/

No Virils for Opened Polls and Quizzes on My Virils Page!!!

The Possibly Reduced Daily Limit/a Bug for Commenting and No Communication from the Admin Team…!

A NEW IMPORTANT UPDATE on (notifications, the virils page and) the Possibly Changed Daily Limit for Commenting…!!!!!!!!!!

The Coffee Talk… – the Missing Photos Problem in Newer Posts Too…

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  1. I often wonder how one can pay Virils for our content here on this site.

    In New Zealand both my husband & myself paint & draw but we cant always get paid for it. The ones who buy want a painting where someone throws paint at a wall or something horrible that is not what I want to see on my wall.

    The amount of Virils we make must be put into terms where Virily gets more money than we do for our contribution in order for Virily to survive.

    I am pleased to have the opportunity to have a chance to try to make a little profit. I don’t really understand how these websites work. Don’t know how Virily creates income except maybe advertising?

    At least management attempt to fix the problems, may take a while. The other advantage is to be able to work and earn at home without going out.

    • By showing ads on the site, I think that is how the site earns and we, users, and site guests also add to that earning by our activity – more activity more the value I think, so…

      I understand… That is a current trend in art…

      Of course… That is why they reduced the limits in the amount of earning Viirls because they probably can’t pay us more currently (I think)…

      Of course, I am pleased too…! Yes, I think that is the way as I heard…

      It would be much better if they did it faster, it would be better for us and them as well, I hope they are working on such things… Of course, but this income even though it’s very nice is not enough…

    • Really????? Why didn’t you tell us anything…? I wasn’t counting my Virils then but I counted them when it was about the commenting problem, so I didn’t know until I received those couple additional Virils for those other posts but I didn’t count them then too… I never noticed that till now…!

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