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The Coffee Talk… – All the New Virily Changes PT. 1 – Daily Limits and Points (Virils) and Their Effect on The Activity

Ok, so you already know all the Daily Limits are reduced to their half while there are some points (Virils) we don’t receive at all anymore… 

Recently all the Daily Limits have already been reduced to their half and now those halves are reduced to their halves, which means the Daily Limit for Opening other people’s Posts was 200 till recently, then it got reduced to its half which was 100 and now it is reduced to its half which is only 50…!

Till recently there were NO Daily Limits in received Paid Views – the points (Virils) for received Views on our OWN Posts, but recently that Limit was implemented too so it was 100 as well (which meant that you could receive only 100 Paid Views – you could of course receive much more Views but they were not all paid…) while now that Limit is also reduced to its half and is also 50!…

Points (Virils) for Polls and similar formats are also reduced from 5 to 3 when received View, and from 2 to 1 Viril when Viewing (given View).

I heard some users believe it happened due to the “abuse” of those formats but I believe this happened due to the very low Viril value(s) (the first and now the second “drop”…) and that the site can’t pay us more than that even if they wanted to…

The same happened with the Daily Limit for Commenting other people’s Posts which was 50 at first, then it was reduced to 30, but now we are not receiving points (Virils) for Commenting on other people’s Posts at all anymore but we still do receive points (Virils) when people comment on OUR Posts… It means we get 2 Virils when someone comments on our OWN Posts while getting 0 when we comment on other people’s Posts…

I am not sure how this is fair and motivating so I think it should have been solved differently, for example, 1 Viril to each User, but I hope they know better and guess it’s put that way for a reason…

There were some conflicts here and maybe it’s a way to lower them, especially that for all the reported and deleted comments you get -20 Virils deduction instead of the usual -2 Virils deduction now…

I am also not sure how will all this “inspire” Users and improve the Traffic of the site as it only made Users discouraged and demotivated…

There is Another part of these Changes you might be not aware of, which pretty much affects (Paid) Views too, so stay tuned…..!!! ;/) 

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  1. I probably would not be here if I got nothing at all but I don’t mind reduced. I hope that Virily fares better business wise in the future.
    It is probably because Virily is finding things hard at the moment.
    Yet, I can always be wrong…

    • Thanks for commenting!!! I think many of us think the same, it’s the same for me, I just came here to share my art and earn on that a little but I could also share it on many other more art-professional places so yes, I wanted to earn something as well… I think everyone who says they ate not here for money lies to himself first because there are other places where they can do it for free yet they are always on the sites that pay…
      I think it will be very hard to earn anything with all these reductions especially that we currently don’t even know if we are currently earning anything with no ads at all…!
      Probably…, but I don’t know the actual reason. I just know and think many things are not done professionally here and that is what puts away many users and outside viewers…

      • Oh, yes, of course…, I understand!… Thanks for answering this one as well…!!! 🙂 It is great it is a recreation for you… I hardly manage all the other things if I’m here as well… :/ 😐 😉 🙂 I mean it is very time-consuming as well…

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