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The Coffee Talk… – a Small Retrospective of the New Virily Changes and How to Add Poll Answers…

I already announced in several of my previous posts I will write the second part of the new Virily changes which refers to the new way/system in rewarding points (Virils) for Views and Viewing Posts, but since it takes a little more time I am posting the retrospective of my latest Virily themed Posts where I wrote about all the changes since I see some not that active users still don’t know anything about them…

This is also the way to try the way of adding Poll answers by adding the numbers in front of them, and yes, they all appeared after just one Reload… This is really weird…..

Enjoy…! 😉

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The Coffee Talk…..!!! – Why I Am Here + Are We Currently Earning ANYTHING Here………?!?!?!?

The Coffee Talk… – the Purpose of My Writing or What Is Virily For…..

The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limits Reduced, No Virils for Commenting Other People's Posts!!!…

The Coffee Talk… – I Am Shocked!….. – Payments, Daily Limits, etc.

The Coffee Talk… – Adding (Hash)tags…

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    • Hahah!… 😀 I know, I forgot, but I’m posting coffee or chocolate depending on the theme – if it’s nice or not, ahhaah…! ;D 😀 😉 You are very welcome and thank you for commenting and your support…! 🙂

    • PS This is the solution I noticed in other people’s posts and heard about from a user, which I considered pretty absurd and a possible coincidence so I just wanted to see if it really works, I didn’t actually plan to post “the solution” because there are some other people who noticed it first and I didn’t even want to bother with even trying it not to mention posting about it because it became just too much for me and I didn’t even care about the possible solutions anymore, so I just used this post to try it… But seems it really works which is pretty weird and absurd for me………

    • The changes I am mentioning are referred to the other changes – daily limits and reduced points and values, not the Poll answers, but I only used this post to try the thing I saw in her and other people’s posts because a user told me that is the solution for making Poll answers visible which I thought was absurd and only a coincidence… I didn’t actually plan to post about the solution but only to try if it actually works…

    • You are welcome but I didn’t actually plan to post “the solution”, I actually wanted to try the solution I noticed and heard about which I considered pretty absurd and a possible coincidence so just wanted to see if it really works… But seems it really works which is pretty weird and absurd for me……… Thanks! 🙂

    • Hahaha, you are welcome and I am glad it will work for you but I didn’t actually plan to post about the solution but just to try if it really works as I saw it and heard about it in some other users’ posts… I actually thought it was quite absurd that it could even be the reason they are showing up and thought it was actually a coincidence as I saw not all of them always appear in some users’ posts but used this post to try it as the post is only a retrospective of already posted posts… Several people invented and already knew about it actually…

    • Great, glad you know them all, thanks…! 🙂 Yes, indeed!!!… I didn’t even want to try it as I thought it was a coincidence and I actually don’t even care about them anymore as it really became too much but I was just curious so I wanted to try it… Seems it works perfectly so might start adding them now but now I just don’t even care actually… :/)

    • You didn’t tell me, Ellie told me before you commented in my post which I found as a pretty absurd solution and thought it was actually a coincidence as I see there are still some not showing up in some posts despite adding the numbers, so that is why I asked you when you commented and I didn’t get the actual answer… You told me it’s the way you make Polls and said nothing about the numbers while I didn’t do it that way – I only added the numbers and did everything else my way – just Reloaded the page once…

        • You didn’t tell me Ileana, you only told me it’s the way you make Polls you already explained before while that way doesn’t work for me… I explained my way in my posts and it’s only based on Reloading the page and doing things more slowly and it works much better and faster and much less complicated than the way you described so that is why I suggested it to you…

          Oh, sorry………, I didn’t see the notification yet and now I see it…!!! :/||
          I read it now, but I was actually expecting you to tell me the crucial thing – if it’s in adding the numbers, nothing else, as everything else doesn’t work in my situation… I don’t even have any answers to remove now when I add the questions – they are not there, they are simply not showing up at all anymore…!

          You don’t have to close drafts at all……….!!!!!!!!!! Just Reload the page…

        • And I do thank you for showing the example of adding the numbers although I didn’t actually believe it’s the actual solution – I thought it was only a coincidence as I said in my other replies here… ;/)

    • But thank you for giving the example although I didn’t actually want to bother with it anymore… It just became too much and I didn’t actually care if they are showing up or not now… If they don’t want us to add answers then let it be but I just wanted to try it as I was curious if that absurd solution really works so I might start adding them that way but I’ll see… :/ 😐

    • PS I did notice it before you all told me about it though just didn’t want to bother with it anymore and wasn’t quite sure if that was “the actual” reason… But now that you both commented it I decided to try it… ;/)

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