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The Coffee Talk… – a Little More on the Earnings and the Right of Being Informed + the Incredibly High Number of Views in My Previous Post Is Abnormally Weird…!!!

First, I want to thank everyone who Read, Upvoted and Commented in a supportive manner in my previous post, The Coffee Talk…..!!! – Why I Am Here + Are We Currently Earning ANYTHING Here………?!?!?!?, and Voted reasonably in the Poll…, and especially the ones who Understood it properly…!!! I see even some users who almost never visit my posts Upvoted it so I especially thank them as well!!!

Even though I don’t like to explain myself at all, for the ones who didn’t understand it properly and Voted all No’s from their hate or whatever the reason, seems I have to repeat some things (again!)…

This site is a paying site, and as far as I know, it earns on OUR activity here, so whatever the reason you are here – whether it is for the fun, play and friendships, or the earnings only, the point is that we are ENTITLED to Know and be Informed about all the Changes on the site!… As far as I know, that is The PURPOSE of the FAQ’s and it is the Site’s OBLIGATION and RESPONSIBILITY to Inform Us about all the changes, especially in the case of the ones who are spending all day here trying to earn something while Not Even Knowing if they are actually Earning Anything while there are NO ADS!!!…

I certainly enjoy the Creativity here but not all of us have that luxury of spending that much time here just for fun even though it is NOT the only reason for being here…! And that is also THE FACT the Site should be Aware and RESPECTFUL OF!… 

So I certainly didn’t come here expecting I would “earn a fortune” but I certainly want to KNOW what’s the deal and whether if I’m just Wasting My Time here (because I can have fun in many other places if I want too!!!) or not, and I certainly think we should have the Right TO CHOOSE whether we will “waste” our time here or not but we can’t do that Until Informed about how the things are!…

So it is not primarily about the Earnings but about The Right to Know and Being Informed…!!!

Now… Something weird is going on with the number of Views in my previous Post about this theme, The Coffee Talk…..!!! – Why I Am Here + Are We Currently Earning ANYTHING Here………?!?!?!?, where I got around 20-25 Unique (Paid) Views since I’ve published it, the number of Views at the top of the Post shows more than 300 Views, while the article Was NOT Shared………..!!!

Also, just to note that I was looking at the other currently Most Commented and Trending articles and they don’t have that many Views…! Some rare ones have more than 150 but the other mostly have not more than 60 which means the Views are the same like they used to be these days – low!…

Now…, this is pretty confusing and looks impossible for me because if the article got only 20-25 Unique (Paid) Views and was Not Shared (which means there were NO OUTSIDE VIEWS) it would mean those 20-25 people were opening the same article like more than 10 times each which has NO LOGIC and is pretty impossible, so I really don’t understand where all those Views came from!…

Should I and we conclude there were actually Views that were Not Registered on the Virils page where all the Views are registered by Received Virils for them………..?! :/

Anyway…, I’m still here, posting…, but not that much, Waiting…

The Coffee Talk…..!!! – Why I Am Here + Are We Currently Earning ANYTHING Here………?!?!?!?

The Coffee Talk… – the Purpose of My Writing or What Is Virily For…..

The Coffee Talk… – the Daily Limits Reduced, No Virils for Commenting Other People's Posts!!!…

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  • Question of

    Do you agree we are entitled to know and be informed about (all) this…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
    • Only about the Earnings
    • Only about the Views
  • Question of

    Do you agree it is the Site’s obligation and responsibility to inform us about all this…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
    • Only about the Earnings
    • Only about the Views
  • Question of

    What do you think about the number of Views…?

    • It is real (but where did all those missing Views come from then…?!?)
    • It is irrational/It is a mistake
    • Some Views are not registered on the Virils page and Virils not received…
    • I am not quite sure… :/| :


What do you think?

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    • Glad you agree!… I don’t understand which information confuses you…? I am only saying that since there are no Ads we should know and be informed if we are currently earning Anything or not, it’s simple…
      Also, it would be good if all the info about the site were updated in the FAQ’s…, then we would know about all the changes… It is their job to do it that way, to inform us about the changes…!

    • I know, I actually feel the same but I’m treating it like fun and solving puzzles so it is not affecting me that way although I AM pretty tired of it all generally……… >:|| I’m not overwhelmed by this Views problem, it was just weird to me so I was wondering if anyone has any idea about it….. :///
      Thank you very much for your appreciation, I am glad you are glad for that too, hehehe!!!… 🙂 😉

      PS Glad to see you…! 😉 I was wondering about you, hehehe… 😉

    • Of course… It is nice to share your creativity but if there are any rewards who can allow himself to have fun all day, right…?!? ;/D
      We can’t earn much here but I was doing my best to earn as much as possible…

      • Yes, well I have to be honest, its nice to have hope of earning something small but huge sums of money to expect are beyond most peoples realistic goals.
        I think Virily is much more than money though, I appreciate the people here.

        • I never expected to earn large sums here, I said I was spending a lit of my time trying to earn the most I can and that is possible for me, but I don’t want to sit here all day earning anything or even worse not even knowing if I’m earning anything at all with no ads at all…!

          The only thing that is more than money here for me is creativity… I appreciate people here as much as they appreciate me. I didn’t come for the reason of meeting people here and it actually turned out I cared much more for those who claim came for that then they cared about me…!

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